How much damage can you deal?


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We're in between seasons right now (Hour of Devastation opens July 12 on Patreon / July 19 here), and in between seasons we like to make the puzzles a little bit... wacky.

We didn't set a damage goal for this one, and asked our Patrons to see just how high they could get the damage number. We got a variety of answers, but the top number so far is 73. Think you can beat it?

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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  1. Use Saheeli Rai's -2 ability to create a copy of Panharmonicon.
  2. Cast Quicksmith Rebel, using Hedron Archive to generate mana out of Pyramid of the Pantheon (giving it its third brick counter), and three lands, leaving two Wandering Fumaroles untapped.
  3. Paradox Engine triggers, untapping the Hedron and the Pyramid.
  4. When the Rebel enters, its ability to choose an artifact triggers three times. Choose the Paradox Engine and both Panharmonicons.
  5. Tap the Hedron and Pyramid for 2UUU, and deal 6 damage to the opponent with the Engine and Panharmonicons.
  6. Cast Disperse, targeting Saheeli. Paradox Engine triggers and untap all artifacts. Re-tap them all, going up to 3UURRR in mana and 12 total damage.
  7. Cast Saheeli. Paradox Engine triggers and untap all artifacts. Re-tap them all, going up to 4URRWWW in mana and 18 total damage.
  8. -2 Saheeli to create a copy of Quicksmith Rebel. When it enters the battlefield, use its three triggers to choose the Hedron Archive, Pyramid of the Pantheon, and itself as it is also an artifact. Tap these three to deal 6 more damage for a total of 24.
  9. Cast Declaration in Stone, targeting a Servo. Paradox Engine triggers and untap all artifacts. Re-tap them all for 12 more damage, going up to 36 damage and settling at 3URRWW left in mana. Declaration resolves and exiles both Servos, no clues are created as they are token creatures.
  10. Cast Dramatic Reversal. Paradox Engine triggers and untap all artifacts. Re-tap them all for 12 more damage, going up to 48 damage and settling at 2RRWW left in mana.
  11. Dramatic Reversal resolves, doing the same thing as Paradox Engine - untapping all your artifacts. This time you need more blue mana, so tap five of them for 10 damage (58 total), and use the Pyramid to get your mana back up to 2UUURRWW.
  12. Cast Valakut Invoker. Paradox Engine triggers and untap all artifacts. Tap the Pyramid to have your mana sitting at UUURRRRWW, and tap the Engine and two Panharmonicons to deal 6 damage (66 total).
  13. Use the floating mana to activate the two Wandering Fumaroles. Make them into 4/1s and attack with both and the token Quicksmith Rebel.
  14. With only one blocker, your opponent takes 7, for a total of 73.

(You can also divert at step 9 to exile the Seraph of the Suns instead, and use artifacts to deal 2 damage to each Servo to kill them, but you wind up dealing 4 less damage to the opponent with the ability, and 4 more with a second 4/1.)


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