How to Burn With Magic Origins and the Top 10 Cards to Bank On


Welcome to another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins! Today we will be looking at a decklist which takes advantage of one of the new DFCs (Double-Faced Cards) Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh. There is belief that this will be the least used of the new DFCs to see play in Standard, but I’m here to show you a red deck for Standard that will take advantage of that.

First off, let’s talk about the lands for the deck. Plain and simple, all you need is Mountains and 1 Haven of the Spirit Dragon sprinkled in there in case you need to get back one of your dragon’s late game. Let’s take a look at the creatures in the deck and why they’re in the deck:

Zurgo Bellstriker – Having a consistent creature out on turn 1 is very important and this 2/1 Legendary Creature will help you get some early damage in. Its ability to do 2 haste damage late in the game when pulling it off the top of your deck will help as well!

Stormbreath Dragon – Although this deck has a very low curve, it is nice to have a late-game finisher that can fly in and get 4 damage in. A finisher indeed.

Monastery Swiftspear – A 1-drop with haste will allow you to get some early creature damage in and will also grow for extra damage thanks to your 21 spells in your deck. Getting 2-3 damage consistently with Monastery Swiftspear shouldn’t be a problem.

Goblin Rabblemaster – A staple in red decks for the past year, there’s still room for this amazing creature.

Scab-Clan Berserker – A 2/2 Haste creature that can quickly become a 3/3 renowned creature after just hitting your opponent once. One you get renowned, Scab-Clan Berserker provides you a huge advantage by making it harder for your opponent to cast cheap noncreature spells without taking 2 damage to the face every time.

Thunderbreak Regent – A great 4/4 Flyer that will be able to get through for damage on a consistent basis. For bonus value, if your opponent wants to get rid of it, 3 damage for them!

Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh – This is the centerpiece of the deck and a DFC with an opportunity to do a lot of damage to your opponent. If you are able to do enough damage to transform it, thanks to its first planeswalker ability, you will be doing 5 damage in one turn with Chandra!

Let’s now take a look at the spells that power the deck and most of the time will allow Chandra to transform:

Hammerhand – A one drop enchantment that will not only allow your creature to get more damage, it will usually allow your creature to get through damage, even if just for one turn.

Hordeling Outburst – Not only will this get you 3 1/1 Goblin tokens, it will also give you lots of creatures to power Stoke the Flames.

Lightning Strike – Straight up 3 damage, nothing more, nothing less!

Wild Slash – A cheap 1-mana damage spell which will allow you to cast 2 red spells needed to transform Chandra on a given turn.

Searing Blood – If it does come down to you needing to remove some of your opponents creatures, you can still get in some damage to your opponent as well with this card.

Stoke the Flames – With your multitude of creatures on the board, often you will be able to cast this for a lot less than 4 mana allowing you to perhaps get multiple Chandra activations to allow for transformation.

Magmatic Insight – This Magic Origins card is a key to the deck, as it allows to get a card advantage while also powering Chandra to get more damage and work towards her transformation. You can play it early if you get flooded, or you can save until after Chandra hits the board to make sure you get that needed transformation.

Well thanks for reading another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins. Next article we will be talking more about decks inspired by some of the cards from Magic Origins!


Welcome to another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins, where we are looking forward to this weekend and the prerelease events for Magic Origins! With the excitement of the Intro and Clash Pack Lists being spoiled today, we will be talking about the top 10 cards in Magic Origins that will be good investments going forward!

In many years to come this double life, double card draw artifact will be a staple in Commander decks. Any mythic that will be needed in that many Commander decks will for sure increase its value over time. This is also a very well designed card and I look forward to Oloro, Ageless Escetic using this for many years to come.

This isn’t seen as a card that will see lots of Standard play and I can understand that. Having a green board wipe in formats like Commander could allow you to take over a match very quickly. Look for this to increase in value over time.

I think the power of this card is being overlooked at the moment. Being able to tutor for any card in your deck and having a good chance of casting it in the same turn is extremely powerful. Look to see this card in Standard decks in the upcoming months and beyond.

With the number of Elves that are going to be in Standard thanks to Magic Origins, look for this leader of the pack to play a prominent role. Creature lords in general have always held value over time, look for his Elf Lord to be a staple in Elf Tribal Standard in the coming months. Make sure you get your copies of this card sooner than later.

Right now, this is going to be a huge card to have in play when you are playing Commander and you’ll be able to copy your big creatures when they come into play. In Standard there are definitely some good targets, but I believe that this will improve in the next block of cards. The greater the power of entering the battlefield abilities are, the greater power and value this card will have.

This has an opportunity to become a major sideboard card in formats such as Modern for the next little while and could drive the value up on this card. Having the ability as well to cycle the card if the situation doesn’t come up to use it makes this card even better. You will be seeing this card being used in the months to come.

This might be a surprise to some, but I can see this card being played in Standard Control in the near future. Negating 1 damage from each of your opponents attacking creatures is pretty strong. Not being able to be targeted by their spells is quite powerful as well. I believe Leyline of Sanctity has seen some play in its day. Look for this to be a card you see sitting across the table from you when you’re playing a control player.

The great thing about this card is that once you get the first artifact in play, it powers itself! Getting more and more free creatures that also give you extra cards when dealing damage, this card is sure to see some play.

This is a great card for creature decks, as it slows down any removal your opponents might have while getting through for 2 flying damage a turn. Despite being 1 more mana to cast than its predecessor Thalia, it is non-legendary so you have the chance to stack multiple Vryn Wingmare creatures to make it even harder to cast noncreature spells.

If Elves deck even remotely start to come into favor in Standard, look for this major damage dealer to shoot up in price in the coming months. Called the Grey Merchant of Elves, Shaman of the Pack is a perfect 3-mana, so it can be used quite nicely with Collected Company.
Thanks again for reading another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins! We will see you next time for some more exciting Magic Origins previews!

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