October 30, 2017

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Ixalan Season - Puzzle #5

Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series available exclusively through MTGCanada and PossibilityStorm.com.

Have you been trying to live the Marionette Master dream? This might be the puzzle for you then (or maybe not...) give it a shot and find out

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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  1. Play Inventors' Fair.
  2. Cast Marionette Master, choosing to create three Servos since Solemnity won't let you use the counters option.
  3. Sacrifice Dire Fleet Hoarder to Ruthless Knave, making three Treasures.
  4. Use Tezzeret, Master of Metal's -3 to hit the opponent for 6. (3 Treasures, 3 Servos.)
  5. Sacrifice all three treasures for mana (opponent loses 3 more to go to 4), and spend it to sacrifice a Servo (opponent loses 1 more to go to 3) to create two more treasures.
  6. Sacrifice those two treasures to hit the opponent for 2 more and take them to 1.
  7. Either Fatal Push the Sacred Cat to get a final Treasure, or aim it at your own Servo. Either way gets you the final Marionette Master trigger!


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