Ixalan Season - Puzzle #6


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Love him or hate him, sometimes Gideon just needs to go. Today's puzzle is one of those ones where Pesky McSideburns is trying to get in the way again. Can you overcome his overacting heroism to beat it?

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  1. Cast Arcane Adaptation, choosing 'Pirates'.
  2. Cast Fiery Cannonnade, killing all blockers except for the Bishop of Rebirth.
  3. Activate The Scarab God's ability, targeting your Admiral Beckett Brass, making your viable attackers a 6/3, 6/6, 4/5, and 1/6.
  4. Attack with all at your opponent. Your Sanctum Seeker is still a Vampire itself and its trigger drains the opponent for 1 down to 11. They will then block a 6-power creature and 6+4+1=11 will get through for lethal (if not for that darn Gideon emblem.)
  5. Thanks to Arcane Adaptation making everything a Pirate, and Admiral Brass for giving Lightning-Rig Crew a boost to be able to deal combat damage, you connect with three Pirates and therefore will trigger Brass' ability at end of turn.
  6. Trigger Brass at EOT, steal Gideon of the Trials, and your opponent dies as the protective effect of the emblem no longer applies.


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