November 13, 2017

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Ixalan Season - Puzzle #7

Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series available exclusively through MTGCanada and

Trigger warning! No seriously, this puzzle has lots and lots and lots of triggers. This warning is about them.

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  1. Use Huatli, Warrior Poet's -X ability to deal 2 damage to Pia Nalaar, killing her, and make one of your opponent's creatures unable to block. Pia dying triggers Ashes of the Abhorrent and the life totals are now 11 (you) vs 14 (them).
  2. Go to combat. All four God-Pharaoh's Gift triggers go on the stack.
  3. As the first resolves, choose Reckless Fireweaver. Anointed Procession doubles the token-making effect, so we get two of them. This triggers Trespasser's Curse twice, taking the life totals to 9 vs 16.
  4. For the second, choose Pia Nalaar. Anointed Procession doubles the effect so we get two of them. We must immediately sacrifice one to the legend rule. Our opponent gains 1 from Ashes [9 vs 17], then drains us for 2 with Trespasser's Curse triggers [7 vs 19], and then both Pias' Thopter-making abilities resolve, each of which is doubled to give us a total of four Thopters.
  5. Each of those 4 Thopters triggers Trespasser's Curse to drain us for 4 more [3 vs 23], but also each Reckless Fireweaver four times for a total of 8 damage to our opponent [3 vs 15].
  6. For the third Gift trigger, choose Gearseeker Serpent. Two more basically-vanilla 4/4s get created, triggering the Curse twice more to bring the totals to [1 vs 17].
  7. Elect not to use the fourth trigger to keep from dying.
  8. Activate Pia's second ability seven times, sacrifice each of the four God-Pharaoh's Gifts and three Thopter tokens, making the other seven blockers unable to block. The Thopters dying triggers Ashes of the Abhorrent three more times. [1 vs 20]
  9. Attack with two 4/4 Reckless Fireweavers, one 4/4 Pia Nalaar, and two 4/4 Gearseeker Serpents into no blockers to deal a lethal 20.


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