Level Up Your Store

Wizard's of the Coast just announced a new level for Wizard's Play Network Stores (WPN).

Unlike other card game companies, Wizards understands the importance of the local gaming store. It's the gathering place of each local Magic community. Sure they supply large retailers as well but organized play is where it is at and only the local gaming store can provide.

Up until now, there has been two levels of stores that run organized play. You have your Core stores and your Advance stores, with the main differences being the number and size of events run. Now we will see some stores standing out as Advanced Plus. This new category of store is not just about bigger events with more players, it's the player experience that matters. Advanced Plus stores will be asked to sign and adhere to a Quality Agreement.

Check out this new announcement at www.wizards.com/wpn Take a look at the article and see if your local gaming store meets these 10 Quality pledges.

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