Patron-Made Final Ixalan Puzzle


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Here's our last pure Ixalan puzzle before we switch over to Rivals previews next week. This puzzle was made by one of our Patrons as one of his Patreon-level perks!

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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There may actually be one other way to beat this puzzle, but it's still awfully similar. Think you can find it? Here is the official solution:

  1. Go to combat.
  2. Anointed Deacon triggers, target Skymarch Bloodletter to make it a 4/2.
  3. Attack with all.
  4. Sanctum Seeker triggers five times, from five Vampires, and takes your opponent to 10.
  5. Before blocks, sacrifice all creatures other than Yahenni, Undying Partisan itself, and the Bloodletter, to Yahenni. Be sure to sacrifice the Dire Fleet Hoarder last.
  6. Dire Fleet Hoarder's death trigger goes on the top of the stack - let that resolve, creating a treasure.
  7. With Yahenni's triggers still on the stack, use the treasure to make red mana and Harnessed Lightning[/c Yahenni.
  8. Let combat finish, and your opponent tales 4 from the Bloodletter and goes to 6.
  9. Cast Bloodcrazed Paladin. Because five creatures died this turn, it becomes a 6/6 when it enters the battlefield.
  10. Fling it at the opponent for a lethal 6!


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