Rivals of Ixalan Season - Puzzle #6


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  1. Attack with all. Your opponent essentially must double-block Dire Fleet Ravager and single-block Deadeye Brawler, otherwise several relatively-simple lines to victory open up, which we won't detail here.
  2. Angel of Condemnation cannot be blocked, therefore your opponent takes 3 and goes to 7. Three Aetherborn die, therefore three Midnight Entourage triggers go on the stack.
  3. Before those triggers resolve, cast Siren's Ruse targeting the Ravager. It returns to the battlefield immediately and the opponent loses a third of their life, rounded up. 1/3 of 7 is 2.333, rounded up to 3, so they drop to 4.
  4. Let the Entourage triggers resolve, taking your opponent down to 1.
  5. Activate Angel of Condemnation, targeting the Ravager again. At the end step, it returns to the battlefield once more to drain the final 1 life point for lethal.


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