The 30 Most Exciting NEW Cards from Commander 2020


This week on Commander's Brew we reviewed all the most exciting new and reprinted cards from the 2020 Commander precons. Here, for you, I've broken down 30 of the new cards that I'm most excited about getting in my greasy little palms. Sure I could basically list all the legendary creatures, and because of the returning "Partner with" mechanic there are a bunch of them, but I wanted to highlight more non-legendaries as these are the cards we can more easily slide into our existing decks as well as brew around.

C20 has given us some exciting legends and new cards as well as a few much-needed reprints (I would take more) but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. Overall, I am happy with the set, it's exciting and imaginative if not a bit overwhelming, but I'm ready so bring it on and let's play!

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