Upgrading United Assault on a Budget


Good evening players! Today we’re looking at the 2019 Challenger Decks in the first of a four-part series. More specifically, we're looking at how to make them better on a budget.

I’ll be doing my best to delve into the reasons for the changes, how many changes we're making, and what the mainboard and sideboard of each deck will look like once everything is said and done.

The initial investment for this deck is on the low end compared to the other Challenger Decks. At the time of writing this article, United Assault is running at $26.99 and plays smoothly out of the box. Despite its low price tag it already has the chops to be a top contender. With this series I’m going to show you how with only $20 (or less!) and a bit of patience you can make these good decks great.

Note: this is only an opinion piece and a suggestion for you readers to spark some ideas of your own!

Let’s start with the basics shall we?

Mono White weenies, the angry mob, or ‘Really? That deck?’ has been taking a fair hold of tournaments and while they have a strong showing there was always something missing. United Assault [see attached decklist] wants the same thing and it already gives you plenty to work with. Out of the box you get two Legion’s Landings and two History of Benalia. That's not to mention the four Healer’s Hawks, but there's always something to improve upon. Looking at the initial list, there were a couple of weak links that we’re going to strengthen.


Change 1: The Double Down

Let’s double down on a card that shows results each time it’s played: History of Benalia. The first thing we want to do is turn the included pair into a playset. This will also be the most expensive addition to your list. Together, both cards will cost you roughly $12.00. But what to cut?

Though an acceptable card, Pride of Conquerors just isn’t what want this deck is going for. The mana used for this instant would be better suited on either better board presence or even removal. Let’s cut two of them to make room for the better card.


Change 2: A Baffling Addition

Baffling End is- well, let’s be fair here- it's a baffling card. It deals with lower cost threats and, with minimal enchantment removal in Standard right now, it seems like a perfect time to get the use you want out of this card. It is a risky, what with your opponent getting potentially a 3/3 out of the deal. But without risk there is no reward. Let’s add this card in and cut the last Pride of Conquerors to remove that entirely. Enjoy your playset of that removal piece!


Change 3: A Good Boy

Snubhorn Sentry is a sneaky card that can act as a blocker in the early game and can turn into a 3/3 attacker later on that can always swing in for damage. Life gain, though sometimes a necessary evil, isn’t what this deck seems to want. Cutting the three Shield Mare in the sideboard, and the mainboard Hunted Witness gives us the spots you need to add these Dinos in.

So, looking at all the changes above let’s see what our mainboard and sideboard will be when you first sit down to play:



And that should be everything for today’s part one of four! I hope this decklist and my suggestions spark a few ideas. Until next time may all your rares be mythics and good luck!

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