November 8, 2021

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Chapter 2 – Innistrad Crimson Vow Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease

Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Innistrad Crimson Vow Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 – Guide to Blood Tokens
Chapter 5 – Limited Deck Archetypes

Welcome all to Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Innistrad Crimson Vow Limited and Prerelease. This next guide teaches you about some of the most important power cards for a Limited deck: the uncommons. The uncommons in this set are powerful with an abundance of transforming Double-Faced cards. Werewolves and Zombies are running rampant, while Disturb cards are allowing you to play plenty of Auras from your graveyard. Your deck building choices will often be based on the uncommons you choose to build around. Your rares could be more powerful than your uncommons but often aren’t the most synergistic cards for your deck. Make sure you learn the powerful uncommon cards from this list below and find ways to make them fit into your deck.

Here are some of the best uncommons from Crimson Vow from each colour followed by some of the best Double-Faced uncommon in the set.


Angelic Quartermaster

Angelic Quartermaster – We have seen this in Midnight Hunt with Gavony Silversmith but this time you get a 3/3 Flying creature instead of a 2/3 ground creature which is a huge upgrade.

Circle of Confinement

Circle of Confinement – This is a cheap removal spell for permanents with mana value three or less and could help with potential enchantment synergies as well.

Gryffwing Cavalry

Gryffwing Cavalry – This will allow you to give an additional creature evasion in the form of flying allowing Gryffwing Cavalry to grow thanks to its training ability.

Valorous Stance

Valorous Stance – This card is back as a reprint in Crimson Vow doing double duty as a sweet combat trick and a nice situational removal card.


Cobbled Lancer

Cobbled Lancer – You always must look twice at a 3/3 creature for only one mana. There are plenty of ways to get a creature card into your graveyard so it shouldn’t be too hard to cast this.

Geistlight Snare

Geistlight Snare – Counterspells are always great to have in your deck but having one that could potentially be cast for only one mana is even better.

Stormchaser Drake

Stormchaser Drake – Often a 2/1 flying creature for two mana is enough to be excited about at common. This card gains extra value from all the Disturb auras that can be put onto it to gain you some card advantage.

Thirst for Discovery

Thirst for Discovery – Not only can this spell provide card advantage at instant speed but can help fill your graveyard to fuel Disturb cards and to synergize with self mill decks.


Archghoul of Thraben

Archghoul of Thraben – You get a strong three power creature for three mana that has the possibility of getting you some card advantage when any of your Zombies die. This improves the value of any Zombie tokens you might create.

Edgar’s Awakening

Edgar’s Awakening – Reanimation spells are always strong in Limited and this one has some hidden extra value built-in. If you need to discard a card when using a Blood Token, you can spend a Black mana, discard this spell, and still be able to return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

Fell Stinger

Fell Stinger – A 3/2 deathtouch creature for three mana is strong enough on its own. The extra value from this card comes when you can exploit a creature and draw two cards.

Hero’s Downfall

Hero’s Downfall – This popular removal spell gets reprinted and downgraded to uncommon and I couldn’t be happier. At instant speed, it’s one of the best removal cards in the set.

Wedding Security

Wedding Security – The value of this card comes from its ability to grow and provide card advantage each time it attacks. Even if you sacrifice one Blood Token to its triggered ability this card has been worth its cost.


Magma Pummeler

Magma Pummeler – A great versatile creature that can grow based on how much mana you have available. Once it takes damage you can use those +1/+1 counters to damage another target.

Rending Flame

Rending Flame – The key to this Red damage spell is its ability to deal five damage to a creature or planeswalker. This should be enough to kill most creatures or planewalkers from the set.

Vampires' Vengeance

Vampires' Vengeance – Any time that you can have a sweeper-like card at instant speed, you can usually use it to your advantage.


Bramble Wurm

Bramble Wurm – I love myself a big dumb Green creature that can overwhelm your opponent. On top of being a big dumb creature, it can also help you gain ten life over the span of a few turns.

Cartographer’s Survey

Cartographer’s Survey – This is a fantastic way for Green to ramp and help you speed up your mana and potentially fix some colour issues as well.

Crawling Infestation

Crawling Infestation – This is one of the best pay off cards for a self mill strategy. It will fill your graveyard with resources and give you 1/1 creatures to play with.

Laid to Rest

Laid to Rest – Although this is a do-nothing card when cast, it will pay back its cost in no time by helping you draw cards through combat trades.

Reclusive Taxidermist

Reclusive Taxidermist – Early on you can use this creature to ramp and fix your mana while in the late game you are left with a 4/4 creature to attack with.


Bloodtithe Harvester

Bloodtithe Harvester – You get a lot of value for only two mana with this creature. You get a 3/2 creature that creates a Blood token and if needed can be sacrificed to kill a creature.

Markov Purifier

Markov Purifier - There are plenty of ways in Orzhov colours to gain life and this is one of the best pay off cards for a life gain deck. It can gain life itself through combat damage meaning you don’t always need another source that is gaining you life to draw cards.

Sigardian Paladin

Sigardian Paladin – +1/+1 counters are plentiful in Crimson Vow with the new Training mechanic so it shouldn’t be hard for this 4/4 creature to have trample and lifelink.

Skull Skaab

Skuul Skaab – This is one of the best exploit creatures in the set and will help you get an army of Zombies. Any time you exploit a creature it will get replaced with a 2/2 Zombie token to help negate the creature you just sacrificed.

Colourless Cards

Lantern of the Lost

Lantern of the Lost – This is a fantastic way to deal with all the graveyard matters cards in the set. After you’ve gotten the value out of the initial exile you can clear all graveyards and draw a card.

Double-Faced Cards

Panicked Bystander // Cackling Culprit

Panicked Bystander // Cackling Culprit – This card will help you gain life on both sides of the card and grows when it transforms into a 3/5 creature.

Biolume Egg // Biolume Serpent

Biolume Egg // Biolume Serpent – This is a great blocker early in the game and can then be exploited for value and returned as a 4/4 creature during the next end step.

Catapult Fodder // Catapult Captain

Catapult Fodder // Catapult Captain – This provides a nice five toughness creature that can block most creatures during combat. Once you have enough high toughness creatures you can then start to catapult those creatures directly at your opponent.

Ballista Watcher // Ballista Wielder

Ballista Watcher // Ballista Wielder – You get some great stats with this creature at either 4/3 or 5/5 with the ability to damage creatures or your opponent each turn.

Dormant Grove // Gnarled Grovestrider

Dormant Grove // Gnarled Grovestrider – The first turn you cast this you can start to add +1/+1 counters to your creatures at the start of combat until you can transform it into a 3/6 creature with vigilance.

Brine Comber // Brinebound Gift

Brine Comber // Brinebound Gift – Either as a creature or an Aura you’ll have an opportunity with all the Disturb cards in the set to put a bunch of 1/1 Spirit creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Child of the Pack // Savage Packmate

Child of the Pack // Savage Packmate – This creature is good on both sides. On the Daybound side, you can spend your mana to make 2/2 Wolf tokens while on the Nightbound side you get a powerful 5/5 Trample creature.

Two chapters down and three to go in the Ultimate Guide to Innistrad Crimson Vow Limited and Prerelease. You are now set up with guides for the best commons and uncommons from the set. This guide should help you recognize the powerful uncommons you need to make your Limited deck a success. Thanks again for reading Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Crimson Vow Limited and Prerelease. Click the link below for Chapter 3 and the Crimson Vow Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour. If you’ve missed any of the other chapters for this guide, click below to check them out.

Table of Contents – Ultimate Guide to Innistrad Crimson Vow Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 1 - Top Commons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 2 - Top Uncommons for Limited and Prerelease
Chapter 3 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour
Chapter 4 – Guide to Blood Tokens
Chapter 5 – Limited Deck Archetypes