Daily Dose of Conspiracy: Take the Crown – Drafting Conspiracy


Welcome to another week of Conspiracy: Take the Crown where today I’ll be talking about the Conspiracy draft experience and some of the cards that will shape the draft around you. If you’ve never played a Conspiracy draft, this is what it will most likely look like. First you will pair off in to draft pods of usually eight players. While drafting Conspiracy there will be at least one card in each pack that will be a draft specific card that will either affect the way the draft is done going forward, or cards that will be dependant on when and how you drafted it. One thing you will need to make sure you bring to every Conspiracy draft is a pen and a notepad, as some cards will ask you to note down specific events of the draft. I’ll get into those cards a little bit later. Once the draft is completed, you will be broken down into four player groups where you will battle it out for multiplayer glory. Now on to some of those cards I was talking about.

First I’m going to look at one of those draft altering card. Here is Archdemon of Paliano:

Archdemon of Paliano

As is the norm with large black flying creatures, there is a slight drawback. You do get a 5/4 flying creature for four mana, which will be able to do some major damage, but it could affect the rest of your draft for that booster pack. As most of you know, most of the cards that you play after the draft is done comes within the first six to eight cards, otherwise known as playables. If you draft Archdemon of Paliano early on, it could affect your ability to shape the way you want to draft, especially if it’s your first pack of the draft. If you wait too long though, Archdemon of Paliano could be drafted by someone else and you will lose the opportunity to get a real powerhouse of a creature. Cards like this will cause a lot of drafters at the table scratching their head wondering which cards to take.

Now I’m going to look at one of the draft cards that is specific to when you draft it during the draft. Here is one of the best names cards ever, Garbage Fire:

Garbage Fire

Now cards like Garbage Fire are an excellent use of the design space associated with drafting. Each time I see one of the cards in a booster pack come across me at the draft table, I’m going to wonder if in this exact pick, is the right time to draft this card. If you draft it too early it becomes a low value card, but if you wait too late it’ll be drafted by someone else at the table.

With all of these cards that must be revealed to all players while drafting Conspiracy: Take the Crown, it’ll be interesting to see who can retain the most knowledge of what players have drafted to use while they play shortly after that.

As you can see, the drafting experience for Conspiracy: Take the Crown while change your entire gaming experience in an amazing way. Each pack you open will make you decide if you want to take a draft specific card, a Conspiracy card, or another card in the pack.

It’s time for the Conspiracy: Take the Crown reprint of the day! It’s time to take a look at a card, that if someone doesn’t have an answer to, you might as well call it game over. Here is Platinum Angel:

platinum angel

Platinum Angel hasn’t seen a set print since Magic 2011, and players all over are looking forward to this reprint. There are not very many cards printed in the game of Magic that say “You can’t lose the game” and for good reason. This is a very powerful card that can be played in any deck. If you see this during your draft, it will be a must pick for sure.

Thanks again for joining me on week two of Conspiracy: Take the Crown previews as we are now less than a week away from jumping into this draft craziness. Join me tomorrow as I look at some more great previews from the new set!

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