Daily Dose of Conspiracy: Take the Crown – Drafting Hidden Gems


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Conspiracy: Take the Crown where we have been graced with the full spoiler for the new set. All the great reprints and all the great new cards have been released, and its time to review and figure out some strategies for drafting Conspiracy: Take the Crown. A lot of the mythics and chase rares are pretty obviously going to be cards to look out for, but today I’m going to be going over some of the hidden gems you will want to be drafting in this multiplayer format.

spectral grasp

A nice take on Pacifism where enchanted creature is still free to deal damage to other players in the game, but not you. Very nice card to keep you safe and opponent’s life totals low.

ghostly prison

This card becomes even more valuable in a multiplayer game where it will take a lot of resources for players to attack you, so hey, they might as well attack someone else. Just easier that way.

kill shot

What makes this great is that you can use it even if the creature isn’t attacking you specifically. Gain some major buddy points by saving a friend (for now) by killing that attacking creature.

coveted peacock

Not only are Flying creatures always powerful, but being able to goad an opposing creature into attacking someone else each turn allows you to keep them away from you.

illusion of choice

This blue cantrip could change the complexity of the game. Players will love to play voting cards and this will ensure that the votes, no matter which player cast it, will be in your favour.

caller of gales

This one-drop creature can allow you to surprise one of your opponents who might attack someone else by giving a blocker Flying out of the blue allowing you to kill a powerful flyer.

into the void

This bounce spell becomes better in a multiplayer game where you are able to bounce two creatures even if your opponents only have one creature each. More versatility means an even better card in this format.

deadly designs

This great enchantment will allow other players to speed up the journey to five counters if there happens to be some major threats on the battlefield that need to be removed. Time to make some friends!

blood-toll harpy

Four life loss from one little harpy, and a 2/1 Flying creature to boot, yay!

fleshbag marauder

This usual one for one removal spell of a creature now becomes a potential three for one extravaganza. Great card to clear the battlefield.


This powerful removal spell has the possibility of being a six for one removal spell.

grenzo's ruffians

If this little 2/2 Goblin gets through while you attack two other opponents you could be getting in for 15 total damage. This is also a very sneaky way to kill off an opponent who has too many blockers by working together with someone else to allow this creature to get through so other opponent takes lethal damage.

hamletback goliath

This Giant will only become massive when you start adding up all of the power from three opponent’s creatures entering the battlefield. Look out below!

forgotten ancient

Like Hamletback Goliath, Forgotten Ancient is going to become quite large, quite quickly. Being able to send spread out the wealth in a later turn will make this a great multiplayer threat.

carnage gladiator

This creature will make blocking any creature from any player a little bit harder to do. This creature yells out for the aggressive players to just keep attacking every turn.

duskmantle seer

Although this provides some card advantage to all players, it can also cause some major damage to all players in the process. Throw in a 4/4 Flying creature for four mana and you’ve got yourself some excitement.

exotic orchard

Since there is a good chance that all players will be playing different colours in your multiplayer match, Exotic Orchard basically allows you to tap for any colour mana you want.

Hopefully these multiplayer gems will allow you to take control of your game and take home the win!

Now it’s time for the reprint of the day, and of course it has to be a card that screams multiplayer excitement. Welcome back Show and Tell!

show and tell

Other than a Judge Promo version of this card, we haven’t seen a printing of Show and Tell since it’s original print in Urza’s Saga over 15 years ago. This will be a welcome reprint for Legacy and Commander players who have been waiting to pick up their copy. Reprinting aside, this is an amazingly fun Magic card and I can’t wait to see what hits the battlefield from all players once this is played!

Thanks for reading the last instalment of the Daily Dose of Conspiracy: Take the Crown. I hope everyone enjoys their draft experience this weekend and I look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks for the Daily Dose of Kaladesh. What will they send our way next?

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