July 12, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon – Top 10 Limited Uncommons

Welcome all to the continuing fun that is prerelease weekend for Eldritch Moon! It’s four days away until prerelease weekend and I can’t wait to see what will be coming in my Eldritch Moon packs. Usually when I’m doing a Limited event like a prerelease, I’m not just excited to see what rares and mythics come in the packs, but mainly I want to see which playable uncommons I’m getting in my packs. This will help me determine what colours I’ll be playing and ultimately what kind of deck will come from the six packs. Today I’m going to be going over some of those precious few uncommons that will be the key to making a great prerelease deck this coming weekend. Here are the Top 10 Limited Uncommons from Eldritch Moon:

crop sigil

Delirium decks will be something we will be seeing a lot of come prerelease weekend and Crop Sigil allows you to achieve Delirium quite quickly. Not only that, but it will also allow you to get back two cards from your graveyard when you sacrifice it. That will be great value in the mid-to-late part of the game.

blessed alliance

Welcome to one of the best combat tricks I’ve seen in quite a long time. This card can allow you to deal with three attackers at once. Your opponent will have to sacrifice an attacking creature while you get to untap two creatures to block their other attackers. This could be a game changing spell to turn the tides in the game. Throw in the fact that you could also gain four life, and this becomes quite powerful.

Subjugator Angel

Spells like Sleep have been powerful enough to win Limited games in the past, and Subjugator Angel is a way to disrupt the deadlock of a stalemated battlefield. Often in Limited, the battlefield gets littered with so many creatures on both sides it makes it very difficult to get any damage through. Subjugator Angel will allow you to breakthrough for the alpha strike needed to win the game and get in those last points of damage.

Extricator of Sin Extricator of Flesh

I like cards in Limited with the potential of giving you a lot of value, and Extricator of Sin does just that. To start off you get two creatures with three power and five toughness (Very nice that it’s transformed power and toughness is the same). Then you can either upgrade your creatures you cast later in the game, or you can sacrifice them to make an Eldrazi if they were going to die anyways.


Remand is one of the most powerful counterspells out there thanks to its cheap cost of one colourless and one blue mana. Unsummon spells have always been popular way of gaining tempo on your side by removing a creature from the battlefield and making your opponent recast it. Welcome to its combined creation, Unsubstantiate. True you don’t get to draw a card to replace it like Remand, and it does cost one more mana than Unsummon, but combined this makes for a versatile powerful spell that will help you gain tempo advantage.

Fortune’s Favor

Fact or Fiction has always been a favourite card drawing spell of players and another variant comes our way in Fortune’s Favor. This variant though is slightly different in the one of the piles divided by your opponent will be face down. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of mind games will be played every time this card is played. It’s also nice that the non-chosen pile goes to the graveyard, which will help a lot of deck strategies.


Spells that destroy creatures without any drawbacks are very hard to find in Limited play, so it is nice to see the return of Murder. It’s been a while since we have seen a spell like this, and I, for one, am glad that it is returning to the format. True, it is not Hero’s Downfall or Ruinous Path, but it will see play due to its Instant speed removal of creatures.

Ruthless Disposal

The price to pay for Ruthless Disposal is quite high in the fact, you must pay five mana, discard a card, and sacrifice a creature. That being said, any spell that will allow you to remove any two creatures from the battlefield will always have a place in my Limited deck. Kudos on the continued presence of the number 13 on cards.

Savage Alliance

Another great Escalate spell, where all of the modes really play off each other very well. If you are able to pull of all three modes of the spell, since all of your creatures have trample, dealing a damage to all of your opponent’s blockers (and two additional to one in particular) will allow all of your attackers to deal more trample damage than they normally would. It’s also a great way to clear out a lot of those pesky 1/1 tokens going around the battlefield.

Gnarlwood Dryad

It seems like Delirium will be very easy to achieve in this format, so having a 3/3 Deathtouch for one mana is just amazing. Even if you are stuck for awhile having just a 1/1 Deathtouch for one mana, it will always be able to trade up and kill a bigger creature. This is the one drop creature that Delirium decks have been asking for.

Are there any uncommons from Eldritch Moon that you think will be gamebreakers? Let me know in the comments if there is any uncommons that you would add to the list. Thanks for reading more of prerelease preparation on the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon. Tomorrow I’ll be switching gears and talking about upcoming decks that can be used in Standard, so I look forward to seeing you then!