Daily Dose of War of the Spark - War of the Spark Prerelease Guide


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of War of the Spark as we celebrate prerelease week! I've assembled 4 articles for you today to help you in preparing for your local prerelease. I start off by talking about the best commons you want to be looking for in each of your packs. In Episode 2, I move down the booster pack to the three uncommons you get in each pack. Episode 3 brings an epic countdown as I've prepared Planeswalker Rankings for all 36 planeswalkers in War of the Spark! Finally, in Episode 4 I have a complete combat tricks and removal guide to make sure you don't get surprised by any cards on prerelease weekend.

Episode 1 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited
Episode 2 - Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited
Episode 3 - War of the Spark Planeswalker Rankings
Episode 4 - Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Color

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