Top 8 From GTP Pittsburgh 2015


On Saturday November 7th, 30 Players from the Ottawa area gathered at the Wizard Tower to play in a Grand Prix Trial for GP Pittsburgh 2015. This modern event determined who would get buys for Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2015, as well as giving out over $400 Dollars in store credit.

As usual the final standings are determined after a cut to top 8. The players played it out till the bitter end, so here are the decklists for the top players of the event.

Congrats to Alex for sweeping the event and taking home 200 dollars in store credit. Looks like "Turn 3 Karn" really lived up to its name. We look forward to seeing how you do in 2 weeks at GP Pittsburgh 2015. Best of luck to him, and all the other local players who are making the trip.

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