August 24, 2015

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With high profile performances from Grishoalbrand and Bloom Titan in Modern this year, we saw the costs of key cards skyrocket: Azusa, , to name a few. People bought out these cards anticipating the next best combo deck. However, if we look at the metagame now, they don't look like the powerhouses they once seemed. According to (at the time of this article), Bloom Titan accounts...

August 19, 2015

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Demonic Pact at the Pro Tour

As a casual observer of the standings at Pro Tour Origins, you might say that my event didn’t go according to plan, but in truth, it kind of did. This season has been filled with a whole lot of personal success. I had a good mix of Grand Prix results, and a good showing at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, which was good enough to get me to Silver status, and qualify me for Pro Tour Origins and the...

August 14, 2015

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Abbot of Keral Keep

When I first read I was certainly impressed. This card easily looks like it could have been a card someone made after winning an invitational. I know when you see me comparing this card to those multi-format all-stars you might think I’m exagerrating how good I think this card is. I’m not. Abbot is actually quite similar to those cards. You can’t help but notice the fact they are all...

August 7, 2015

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People tend to have the wrong idea about legacy. If you listened exclusively to popular message boards you could probably be convinced that legacy is a format of fast games and turn one kills. If you keep a hand without Force of Will you are probably going to lose. Of course none of this is true. By speaking to those who know the format you can learn that legacy is a format chock-full of...

July 27, 2015

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Modern PPTQ: 2nd Place with Goblins

When I decided to play goblins at a modern PPTQ it was not because I thought the deck was great or particularly well positioned. I wanted to play something a little offbeat but that packed enough punch to win games, and it wouldn’t hurt if it used . I have played a fair amount of goblins in modern, but mostly monored or Rakdos “all in” versions with simian spirit guides. These glass cannon...

July 22, 2015

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Modern Dredgevine

DECKTECH ROUND 1: ROUND 2: ROUND 3: ROUND 4: Make sure to check out Kevin when he streams on Twitch!

July 20, 2015

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Daily Dose of Magic Origins: In the Company of Super-Friends

Welcome all to another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins! Yesterday we were talking about some major damage done by red spells to your opponent. Today we are talking about some major creature damage! Today’s deck is inspired by Collected Company and the new DFCs from Sultai. Jace, Liliana, and Nissa are ready to hang out and have a party amongst friends. Let’s check out the decklist...

July 15, 2015

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Grixis Control is here to stay and here's why

Not too long ago, a successful Grixis control deck in Modern was a dream. If you were like me, you always felt it was missing… something. Keranos, , or even more optimistically, , all seemed to fall short as finishers, and staying alive long enough to cast them was a challenge. Most matchups were uphill battles where win percentages usually started off in your opponent’s favour as you...

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