5 Cards I Miss Already


Hey guys. Today,  I’m talking about the 5 rotating cards that I miss the most. *sniff* Chompy.


I’m not Reckless Rage’s biggest fan or anything. I don’t have any emotional connection to it, but it has won me a bunch of games. You see, after about 3 or so months of calling Feather, the Redeemed a trash deck, I got tired of losing with Bant Hero of Precinct One tokens and picked up Feather. I played for a month and did fairly well with it and even played it in The Player of the Year Tournament. So, while I may not miss this card that much, I do think it will be hard to win with Feather without this card, and I’ll miss winning. I’ll probably pick up Mono-Red or something. (Yeah, I’m a spike. Do you expect me to believe that you aren’t influenced by the articles posted online, you Homebrew Elitist?)


The only reason Chompy is 4th is that I haven’t actually played much with him. He’s very much a midrange card, and I don’t play a lot of midrange, but I’ve had a lot of fun with him in the few midrange decks I do play. Also, my go-to casual deck on Arena was Mono-Black Control for a while. There’s also the small little problem of me naming my Arena account after him, only to have him rotate out. Well, if Historic is popular and if some black midrange deck is good, I might have a chance of people understanding my name in a few years. That’s a lot of ifs. I guess Murderous Rider will have to do in Standard as a replacement.


I think Temur Wilderness Reclamation will be way better since it’s a great late-game deck, and now that the format is weaker, it should be harder to get killed on turn 4 before you’ve done anything. However, Temur Reclamation will really miss Search for Azcanta. The beauty of Search is that every time you untap your lands you can use it to draw cards, where you can only use Chemister’s Insight twice. And everyone knows that proper etiquette for playing a deck like this is to draw about a thousand cards, and then when you have about 5 or 6 cards left in your deck point an Expansion // Explosion at their face for 40, making sure to target them with both modes so you deck them as well. Because I only find Magic fun if my opponent doesn’t. I’ve never had so many people ask me to change decks in my life.


Speaking of not letting my opponent have any fun, Mono-Blue Tempo will always have a place in my heart. I recorded my first video playing Mono-Blue, my first three articles were a three-part series on how to optimally play Mono-Blue, and the first Player of the Month I qualified for I played Mono-Blue the whole month. (It isn’t the first Player of the Month I played in though, I snuck in when I was 22nd or something because somebody got screwed over by the bus system.) Now it’s basically unplayable after losing its two threats and the only way it has to protect them. Luckily with Hypnotic Sprite and Brazen Borrower Mono-Blue lives on, better than ever, in Historic.


I’ve lost track of how many infinite combos I can make with this card. While I’ve never played it at an F’n’M, I’ve had my fair share of fun with this card on Arena. Though there are other combos in Standard, there’s something great about a janky 5 card combo that lets you get all your daily challenges while simultaneously blowing your opponent’s mind. I guess I’ll have to use 2 Expansion // Explosion and a Ral, Storm Conduit as my go-to combo now.

Thanks for reading, which cards to you miss? Let me know in the comments.

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