July 22, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon: Bant Company Revised

Welcome to the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon! Today we return with a revision of one of the strongest decks in the current Standard. I’ve been playing Bant Company for a few Standard seasons now and it's great to see more treats that can be added into the deck. This deck has evolved from playing cards like Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and Bounding Krasis to playing cards such as, Eldrazi Displacer and Tireless Tracker.

Let’s have a look at what the current Bant Company Deck looks like before Eldritch Moon:

Now let’s go over all of the possible cards from Eldritch Moon that could work in the Bant Company Deck and whether they should be put in the new revised Bant Company deck post-Eldritch Moon.


Tamiyo, Field Researcher – Not only will this help you gain some major card advantage, it will also help you break through any creature stalemates by tapping down your opponent’s creatures.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar – This is going to be a key creature to giving you even a greater tempo advantage than this deck usually achieves. Being able to get this with a Collected Company while your opponent casts a creature will make them come onto the battlefield tapped. Great against cards like Archangel Avacyn as well.

Spell Queller – This is a great card that fits very well into the Bant Company deck. It gives you the added flexibility to gain some major tempo by having an alternative to cast when you have four mana up when trying to cast Collected Company.


Lone Rider – There just isn’t enough ways to gain life in this deck to be able to transform Lone Rider. Looks like there would need to be a more specific Black/White deck that this could fit in.

Hamlet Captain – This Innistrad reprint just isn’t powerful enough to compete with cards like Duskwatch Recruiter and Lambholt Pacifist.

Spirit of the Hunt – Although a great card to prevent against Languish and other sweepers, there just isn’t enough Wolf of Werewolf creatures to make this a viable addition to the deck.

Wharf Infiltrator – This creature is just too slow to put in this deck. It takes a little too long to get the card drawing engine going to replace a card like Tireless Tracker.

Turn Aside – You would rather have a card like Negate or even Dispel over Turn Aside.

Subjugator Angel – For what this creature does, Elder Deep-Fiend is just a better choice that can be cast with Flash as well.

Permeating Mass - This creature is a little too defensive. Having a lot of these on the battlefield will just lead to a stalemate in which you wouldn’t have that many ways to break.

Long Road Home – You already have Eldrazi Displacer that can blink any creatures that you need to save and or gain extra value from such as Reflector Mage. Thalia’s Lieutenant and Dromoka’s Command will already be adding +1/+1 counters on creatures you have.

Collective Effort – Being a sorcery, it’s just not as powerful as Dromoka’s Command in this deck. For creature removal would rather have Declaration in Stone.

Eldritch Evolution – Although sacrificing any creature in the deck would allow you to get any other creature in the deck, there just wouldn’t be enough impact to use two cards to get a creature like Reflector Mage. Would rather just use Collected Company.

Foul Emissary – At 1/1, this is just too small to fit in this deck. There are better choices for card advantage such as Duskwatch Recruiter.


Unsubstantiate – This will allow you to counter spells like Archangel Avacyn, where Negate just won’t do the trick.

Elder Deep-Fiend – Great creature to bring in against creature heavy match-ups where there might be a stalemate or to flash in against an opponent’s alpha attack.

Blessed Alliance – Very flexible and versatile spell that can be brought in against aggressive decks to either make them sacrifice a creature, gain life, or untap your creatures to block. Would replace Dromoka’s Command with this in certain matchups.

Mausoleum Wanderer – Great creature to bring in against removal heavy decks so that you can get in quick damage, and you can use it counter spells used against the better creatures in the deck you want to save.

With these revisions, let’s see how it adapts the Bant Company deck list.

Let me know how you think this new Revised Bant Company deck will do in the new Standard format. Thanks for reading a new Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon Deck Tech and I’m looking forward to sleeving this up in the coming weeks to see if Bant Company can continue its dominance on the Standard format.