Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon – Transformers, Roll out!


Welcome to a transforming edition of the Daily Dose! Today, I’ll be talking about some more of the many, many transforming creatures coming in Eldritch Moon as a result of the madness going through Innistrad. If early previews are any indication, there won’t be many creatures left in their original form by the end of Eldritch Moon. I, for one, have no problem seeing this design space been used as often as needed. Today I’ll be talking about some of those transforming creatures including the final version of one creature in particular.

The first one I want to look at is Lone Rider.

lone rider

This is a great version of a card that has a very lackluster front of the card, but when activated, can transform into the amazing It That Rides as One.

it that rides as one

You might think that you’ll be able to transform Lone Rider quite easily, but I don’t think so. As a 1/1 creature, even with lifelink, it will be hard without a pump spell to generate the life gain needed to transform. It is possible to perhaps gain the life needed through creatures like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, but by that time in the game you might just want to cast stronger creatures onto the battlefield. We will have to see if there are other life gaining cards in Eldritch Moon that will be able to help transform Lone Rider.

Next is an artifact that can allow you a way to finish off your opponent if you play your cards right. Here is Cryptolith Fragment.

cryptolith fragment

This can be used a great mana ramp if needed by allowing you to gain any colour mana. It will also help you damage your opponent each turn while you are getting the mana you need. It is almost the opposite of the card Pristine Talisman which helped you both gain mana and life at the same time. If both you and your opponent are low in life totals though it can transform into a great finisher, Aurora of Emrakul.

aurora of emrakul

First off, you get a 1/4 Flying, Deathtouch creature which is a really hard creature to get through for your opponent. Let’s turn our attention to the offensive potential of Aurora of Emrakul. Each time you attack you are guaranteed to do at least three damage, but most times you will be doing four damage unless your opponent want to lose a creature that will most likely be larger than yours. So either way, it will be a great trade if they do decide to block. The chances of transforming this artifact are pretty good, but won’t be happening until much later in the game. If you are able to control the situation though, it could be a great way to finish off your opponent in a few turns. Perhaps being able to have a board sweeper like Languish, followed by transforming can put you ahead on the board. You will also be able to transform it at any time, which could make it hard for your opponent to attack with the threat of it available.

Thanks for reading a transforming edition of the Daily Dose (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next in Eldritch Moon. Let me know which type of card you are looking forward to seeing in the set.

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