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Welcome to a Thursday edition of the 'Daily Dose of Kaladesh' and wow do we have something special to talk about today. Back 12 months ago in Battle for Zendikar, Wizards released a little something extra in packs called Zendikar Expeditions. These were beautiful full-art lands spanning the years of Magic, reprinted in premium foil glory for all of us to have. Well, guess what, Kaladesh has something special for you too. It was announced that all sets from now on will have reprints called the Masterpiece Series. The theme of the reprints will be based on the block they are in and in Kaladesh that is of course artifacts. We will be seeing 30 of these Kaladesh Inventions on full display for us to get in 1 out of every 144 packs. So yes, the odds are slim, but its all upside! The fact that they have also created a new border for all of these cards as well as new art for all 30 Kaladesh Inventions is quite impressive. I’ve heard complaints that people won’t be able to collect every Kaladesh Invention due to how rare they are, but folks, I’m here to tell you, that’s okay. These are bonus items on top of all the wonderful treasures we’ve already gotten from preview season for Kaladesh. These are extra cards that aren’t part of the set, that I would be lucky and happy to just ever open one of them.

What I want to talk about today is the impact that these will have in the Limited format for Kaladesh. While you are at the prerelease, someone will be opening one of these up and be playing it in their pool. Before I go over some of the best and worst cards for the Limited format. Here are all 30 of the Kaladesh inventions.

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Aether Vial
Cloudstone Curio
Lightning Greeves
Mox Opal
Sculpting Steel
Sword of Feast and Famine

[one_fifth responsive=”stack”]
Cataclysmic Gearhulk
Combustible Gearhulk
Lotus Petal
Noxious Gearhulk
Sol Ring
Sword of Fire and Ice

[one_fifth responsive=”stack”]

Champion's Helm
Crucible of Worlds
Mana Crypt
Painter's Servant
Solemn Simulacrum
Sword of Light and Shadow

[one_fifth responsive=”stack”]

Chromatic Lantern
Gauntlet of Power
Mana Vault
Rings of Brighthearth
Static Orb
Torrential Gearhulk

[one_fifth_last responsive=”stack”]
Chrome Mox
Hangarback Walker
Mind's Eye
Scroll Rack
Steel Overseer
Verdurous Gearhulk

All of these are great reprint cards, but some are better than others when it comes to being played in the Limited format. Let me talk about which cards would be the most fun to see on the battlefield.

Any of the Gearhulks – The alternate art on these is amazing and they fit well with the theme of Kaladesh. Come on little Gearhulks!

Sculpting Steel – There will definitely be a lot of targets for Sculpting Steel to copy. There are some nice Kaladesh Inventions to copy as well, but I’m thinking that getting two of these Masterpieces in one Limited pool just won’t happen.

Sword of whatever you want to give me – Any of the three swords will be nice to have attached to any of my creatures thank you very much, although I wouldn’t mind a little Fire and Ice.

Solemn Simulacrum – This is one of my favorite cards of all time and I’m glad to see it getting the Masterpiece treatment it deserves. Maybe it can team up with Filigree Familiar to get all the value possible!

Now here are some of the Kaladesh Inventions that I do not want to see when I’m playing during prerelease weekend.

Static Orb – Being that there are very little ways to tap an artifact, look for some very long games if this hits the battlefield. Hopefully my opponent will be as equally turned off by this card to leave it in the sideboard.

Sol Ring – Having an opponent be able to get four mana on turn two would lead to almost certain death on my part. Let’s stick too good old one land per turn in our matches please.

Mana Vault – See above, but make that five mana on turn two. Way too powerful to be seen in the Limited format.

Mana Crypt – Do you sense a theme of what I’m going for here. I don’t mind all of the interactive Kaladesh Inventions, but just pure crazy ramp will lead to some uneven games, barring a miracle removal spell.

Lightning Greaves – Giving every creature you control haste and shroud makes it very difficult to tap out on your own turn.

I hope you are excited as me for the opportunity to get a chance to play and open one of these beautiful looking cards. Thanks again for reading the 'Daily Dose of Kaladesh' and I look forward to seeing more Kaladesh. That’s right, there are still more surprises to come folks. See you all tomorrow!

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