Daily Dose of Kaladesh: Ride by Twenty One Pilots


Welcome to the Daily Dose of Kaladesh where today I’ll be talking about a brand new Standard Deck Tech using some of the new cards from Kaladesh. The past two days I talked about a Bant Evolution Standard deck and now I want to change my attention to an aggressive Red/White deck that can take advantage of some of the creatures and spells from the new set. Since I saw Vehicles I knew they were going to be something I wanted to play with, I just needed to find the right fit for them. Without further ado, here is the Standard deck Ride by Twenty One Pilots.

Let’s now talk about the cards in the deck and why they’re a good fit for this deck.

Toolcraft Exemplar – There are 11 artifacts that will be able to turn this on turn two so that you can attack with a 3/2 creature. This is a great way to get in some early damage against your opponent. There won’t be many times where it gets first strike, but that’s okay, the three damage will do what you need.

Depala, Pilot Exemplar – This great three drop is basically a lord for most of your creatures and Vehicles. It also allows you to refill your hand if needed as well. A 3/3 by itself will mean it will be able to get in some damage as well.

Veteran Motorist – This is a great creature for this deck as to start off you get a 3/1 creature for two mana. When it enters the battlefield you get to Scry 2 which will allow you to consistently hit the cards you need. Also, when it crews a Vehicle you have, it pumps the Vehicle by +1/+1.

Bomat Courier – This little guy will allow you to get in some early damage while allowing you to refill your hand in the mid-to-late game when you’ve used all of your cards.

Speedway Fanatic – This 2/1 Haste creature is good enough by itself, but the fact you will be able to crew and use your Vehicles right away with it makes it just fantastic.

Inventor’s Apprentice – This will be a 2/3 creature most of the time which will allow you to get in some early damage with it and start putting on the quick pressure.

Smuggler’s Copter – This 3/3 Flying Vehicles is one of the best Vehicles that they printed. The fact that you also get to loot when it attacks or blocks just makes it even better. The fact that it is Flying will allow you to push through a lot of damage.

Fleetwheel Cruiser – This Vehicle is a great finisher that you don’t even need to crew the turn you cast it. A 5/3 Trample, Haste for four mana means you will definitely surprise your opponent with this ride.

Built to Smash – This three damage for one mana spell is a great way to get through any tough blockers, and if used on Bomat Courier or a Vehicle, that creature will also get trample to get in even more damage.

Collective Defiance – This versatile spell will help you clear out any pesky blockers while also dealing some damage to the face as well. This should be able to clear out any creature in your path.

Incendiary Flow – This damage spell will allow you to also clear some of those troublesome blockers. If you just need to deal some damage to your opponent, three should be enough.

I think this will be a very aggressive deck that can change into a longer game with a lot of the cards in the sideboard. There are a lot of cards in the sideboard that I would also bring in if you are only the draw instead of the play.

Thanks for reading another Standard Deck Tech on the Daily Dose of Kaladesh. It’s now time to turn our attention to deck-building and the new Standard season to come. Hopefully some of these Deck Techs will help you choose what kind of deck you are looking to play in the upcoming season. Thanks for reading all throughout the preview season and I’ll see you soon as I give updates on the Standard season and adaptations I’ve done to my Standard decks in the coming months.

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