April 1, 2016

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Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad – Time to Get a Clue!

Welcome all to the final Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad, as I bring you a deck inspired by one of the main storylines in the new set. Jace and others are investigating by using clues to solve what’s going on in Innistrad. I decided to make a Clue deck that takes advantage of these wonderful Clues. If you haven’t seen them, here are some clue tokens from the new set.

Every time you investigate, you get a Clue token that you can spend 2 mana and sacrifice at any time to draw a card. Here is the list that I’ve put together using these new Clue tokens!

Let’s go over some of the choices on the cards

Bygone Bishop – A 2/3 Flying creature that will allow you to get a Clue token from almost all creatures that you cast from this deck. Flying and a bonus, sounds good to me.

Graf Mole – This will allow you to get a lot of life by gaining three life every time you sacrifice a Clue token. Using Tamiyo’s Journal will net you nine life.

Thraben Inspector – An early creature on the board that also gives you a later card draw thanks to a Clue token. Great target for something like Confront the Unknown. They usually won’t see it coming.

Tireless Tracker – This is a great creature that will allow you to Investigate every time you play a land, and get bigger every time that you sacrifice a Clue token. Seems like it will work well in this deck!

Daring Sleuth – A cheap early creature that can than transform to a great creature that can get you more Clue tokens!

Whirler Rogue – Three creatures, four power, and the ability to use Clue tokens to make your creatures unblockable sounds good to me.

Sage of Ancient Lore – With a lot of Clue tokens to be sacrificed, you should be able to fill your hand with lots of cards, allowing this to get quite large. You can even sacrifice Clue tokens during your own turn, so that you are able to transform this as well.

Fleeting Memories – This gives you a Clue token just for playing the card, and then allows you to have another mill card on top of Sphinx’s Tutelage. Using Tamiyo’s Journal will allow you to mill nine cards from your opponent.

Thopter Spy Network – Thanks to all of our Clue tokens, this will most definitely activate every turn, giving us tons of 1/1 Thopter Tokens to rule the skies. The card draw will also help us build up our hand.

Ulvenwald Mysteries – This allows us to get both more Clue tokens and also more creatures onto the battlefield.

Sphinx’s Tutelage – With the large number of cards we will be drawing using Clue tokens, this will allow us to mill out our opponent quite quickly.

Tamiyo’s Journal – This artifact allows us to get a constant stream of Clue tokens while being able to search our library for whatever card we need to help us win the game. A lot of the time, I will have three Clue tokens already in play when this enters the battlefield.

Confront the Unknown – Not only do you get a free Clue token from playing this card, put considering the number of Clue tokens you will be pumping out with this deck, this could be a large creature boost for just one mana.

Thanks to all those who have read all of my Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad articles over the past four weeks and I look forward to seeing you again for the Daily Dose of Eldritch Moon!