March 8, 2016

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Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad – What Happened to That Sweet Angel?

Welcome to the Daily Dose action with some new Shadows Over Innistrad previews! From what we have seen so far, Shadows Over Innistrad seems to be dripping with flavour and great story lines. It is using mechanics relative to the story like Delirium and Madness.  It is also using transforming creatures as a way to tell the narrative it's looking for.  Today I’m going to be looking at a character we have seen before, but not quite like this transforming version of her.

As seen in Avacyn Restored, Angels were a very important part of the storyline of the last Innistrad block, and they return but not the same as they were before.  This time the Angels are no longer are guardians, as seen in the new card Archangel Avacyn.


Now ignoring that this card transforms, just how amazing is Archangel Avacyn? This is no Serra Angel for five mana, that’s for sure. To start off you get a 4/4 Flying, Vigilance for five mana.  So far it’s a Serra Angel, but that’s where the similarities end. Next, it gets Flash allowing you to drop it on the battlefield at the end of your opponents turn to attack with pseudo Haste the next turn.  You can also use it to have an instant defender to block most creatures with ease.

Where Archangel Avacyn really shines is when it enters the battlefield, creatures you control (including Archangel Avacyn) gain indestructible until end of turn.  Now this will definitely lead to some one-sided blowouts for sure.  Whether you are attacking with all of your creatures and Flash her in to protect them all, or whether you are blocking with all of your creatures and want to save them all from certain destruction.  Don’t forget as well, that Archangel Avacyn can be used to save all of your creatures from board wipes like Radiant Flames.

Now that is a lot for one creature to be able to do.  Wait…. we aren’t done yet?  There is more as Archangel Avacyn has the ability to transform if a non-Angel creature dies.  At the beginning of the next upkeep it will transform!  Most of the time it won’t transform the turn it comes into play unless you have a sacrifice outlet for creatures as all of your creatures will be indestructible.  If you do have a Nantuko Husk, or something similar, you would be able to bring it into play and than it would transform at the start of the next upkeep.  Another way to make it transform when you want is if you have Eldrazi Scion tokens which are very easy to sacrifice, allowing you to transform her whenever needed.

Now let’s see what it transforms into, Avacyn, the Purifier.


Avacyn, the Purifier is dripping with red flavour - including the color of her wings - as she’s transformed into a 6/5 Flying creature.  Oh, and did I mention it also deals three damage to all other creatures and your opponents?  So most of the time, this will be the only creature left on the board, which is okay with me. I am very much liking the transformed Avacyn, and look forward to seeing her on the battlefield in the near future.


Another bonus with this card is that with multiple ways to blink creatures, such as Eerie Interlude and Eldrazi Displacer, you have the option to be able to re-use here ability to make all of your creatures Indestructible.  You can do this for example to save Eldrazi Displacer from a removal spell, where it normally would not be able to protect itself.

Thanks again for reading some more preview action with the Daily Dose of Shadows Over Innistrad and I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!