Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine #2 – It’s time to go on an adventure


Welcome back to the Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine. Today I’ll be talking about the second of three new mechanics from Throne of Eldraine. Yesterday, I took a bite out of the new Food Token mechanic and today it’s time to look at the new Adventures mechanic. Here is an example of a new cards with an Adventure, Order of Midnight.

As you can see in the bottom left of the card, there is what looks like a completely different spell. Adventures can be instant or sorceries that appear on creature cards. While this card is in your hand, you can either cast it as a creature like normal for two mana. It becomes a 2/2 creature with Flying that can’t block. Simple as that, but you won’t be able to cast the Adventure part of the card if you cast the creature spell first. If you cast Alter Fate, you will get the ability listed, then the creature will go into exile and is able to be cast from exile anytime later in the game. Talk about some 2-for-1 value!

Some cards will have Adventures that cost less mana, and both can be cast with the natural mana curve of the game. Some will be more expensive, adding some value if you draw the creature later in the game. Let’s first look at one with a more expensive Adventure cost. Here is Flaxen Intruder.

As a creature, it can potentially be a good sideboard card for decks. If your opponent is playing any artifacts or enchantments, they'll have to deal with this pesky 1-drop. I don’t ever see it having any main deck play in Standard. In Limited though, I think it’s fantastic, as I do all the creatures with Adventures on them. This is one of those cards that is okay in the early game as a 1-drop, not that good in the mid game, but amazing late in Limited games. If I draw this around turn 4 or 5, there is a good chance I’m holding it in my hand longer. That is, until I can get seven mana to cast the Adventure. It would take a powerful artifact or enchantment for me to drop this creature on the battlefield in the middle of a game.

Finally, I want to show you a creature with an Adventure that costs less than the casting cost of the creature. Here is Lovestruck Beast.

I see this as the Wayward Swordtooth of the new Standard. A 5/5 for three mana which is strong unless you try and play it from your hand on turn three. Realistically, unless you have better plays early in the game, you should never be casting this creature from your hand. You should be able to spend one mana on turn 1 or 2 to get a 1/1 creature. Then, be able to cast it from exile on turn 3. If you lose your 1/1 Human, there are plenty of cards that create 1/1 creature tokens in Standard like any creature with Afterlife or with cards like March of the Multitudes. The advantage that Lovestruck Beast has over a card like Wayward Swordtooth is that it can always block even if it isn’t able to attack.

As you can see, Adventures are very well designed cards. They'll make you decide whether to perhaps hold off casting the creature to get more value out of the card. Or perhaps cast it right away to get a creature onto the battlefield. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine. Join me next week as I continue to investigate all the wonderful new cards from the set!

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