April 7, 2014

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Iroas, God of Victory – Path to Victory

The first god to be spoiled for Journey into Nyx brings us a 4-drop 7/4 with lots of potential. Here is Iroas, God of Victory:

Talk about one aggressive god! This new god combines the fun of cards like Gruul War Chant and Goblin War Drums with the power of Dolmen Gate (except preventing all damage instead of just combat damage, bonus!).

Can this card see an impact in Standard play in today’s format, I believe so. Most Boros decks that are seeing play at the moment are playing mostly red, with a splash of white, but I believe it’s time for Boros with mostly white to shine.

Check out a possible new Boros deck:

Iroas, God of Victory can be a key finisher in a deck with lots of firepower to begin with. Start the game with early threats such as Soldier of the Pantheon and Precinct Captain. Control the mid-game with Boros Reckoner and 12 burn spells. Than you can finish the game and push through the last amounts of damage with Spark Trooper, Stormbreath Dragon, and Gideon, Champion of Justice thanks to Iroas, God of Victory making it harder to block them.