Standard Deck Tech - Mono Green Aggro - MTG Arena


Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Each Monday and Friday I’ll have a new video ready to watch!

We're back today with a new Standard season and it's time to try out some sweet new decks. Today I'll be playing a Mono Green Aggro deck, Snow edition. The goal of the deck is to win the game by playing strong spells on curve, on turns two to five. On turn two, cards like Ranger Class and Werewolf Pack Leader will help get you off to a good start. On turn three, you can keep on the pressure with creatures like Old-Growth Troll and Kazandu Mammoth. In the later game, you want to work towards Esika's Chariot and Wrenn and Seven to start closing out the game and putting pressure on your opponent. To help with removal you have fight spells like Blizzard Brawl and Inscription of Abundance to help clear the path for your attackers.

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