April 10, 2018

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Standard Panharmoni-Combo

This week I have a super spicy combo deck for you. Let's check out Four Colour Panharmonicon.


This deck is looking to make infinite Thopters with the help of Whirler Virtuoso. In order to do this we have two main set ups.

For this we set up we need a single Virtuoso and then a trio of Panharmonicons or Decoction Modules. This way, every time we make a Thopter we get three energy, and thus we can make another Thopter and so on and so forth. This is by far the more recognisable combo in the deck, so be wary of opponents seeing the set up and removing it.

The age old combo of two flicker creatures has been known for a long time. One enters and flickers the other which then flickers the first and so on and so forth. With a Decoction Module on board we can make infinite energy with this, which is nice. However, my favourite way to combo with the two angels is with a Panharmonicon on board. That allows us to infinitely flicker a Whirler Virtuoso, and we all know where that leads.

Really, the tricky part of the deck is assembling the combos. You may have noticed that each requires a whole four parts.

Luckily for us, thanks to the interchangeable nature of our combos it's already easier than you might think. A Glint-Nest Crane will go a long way to finding our Artifacts, giving us a four card dig, occasionally twice. If you don't find combo piece there's always a chance you hit a Prophetic Prism instead. That gives us a redraw and a little bit of colour fixing.

Champion of Wits is a great chump blocker who allows us to gain card selection and later card advantage. All this colour fixing allows us to splash green for Servant of the Conduit, ramping us towards a quick combo. And when we top deck it,l it'll get us a long way toward that next Thopter. This may look like a cutable slot, but you’d be brave to do so. The extra spend and energy that the Servant provides is crucial.

Finally, four copies of Settle the Wreckage will give us all the time in the world to set up a combo without killing our key creatures. Crucially, we can also remove the Hazoret the Fervent that would otherwise give us nightmares.

So here it is, Four Colour Panharmonicon:

Similar to a few of our recent decks, Sideboarding is pretty hard with this one since pretty much everything is important to our strategy.

Settle the Wreckage and Prophetic Prism are really the only slots you have to play with. Since it's likely that you'll be playing this at your LGS and not at a Pro Tour, build your sideboard to combat the matches you expect your friends to be playing. For example, when I take it down my LGS I make sure I can answer Merfolk and UW Approach. Your local Meta will be different than mine though, so you'll do an awful lot better if you know what you're up against.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this deck and give it a shot. It's surprisingly competitive at FNM and at Standard Showdowns. Look to your combo for the win against everything other than control. Against control you can play a value game, and be in very good shape with a little beat-down going on.

The Sideboard


This week I want to talk about what I’ll be writing about next week. As you know, Dominaria is coming out very soon, which means that around this time in a season Deck Techs become somewhat irrelevant since the format is so close to changing once more. Next week I'll be discussing the best cards in this past Standard and why they were so good, and I'll be helping you to find the sleepers in the upcoming set.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed the deck. As usual don’t forget to share this with your friends, or maybe your LGS, and if you want to see more content like this and get updates on all things Standard be sure to check me out on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll see you guys next week.