WizardTower.com Open Championship April 23 Top 8 Deck Lists


This weekend at the Wizard’s Tower, while many eyes were focused on day two of the Pro Tour, we took the time to host our quarterly Open Championship. Players from around the region came together to play Magic and compete for $2,000 in cash prizes. Many players were qualified for free entry into the tournament by coming to our weekly Saturday Open Qualifier tournaments.

On the day, players competed in the first half of the tournament by playing their own standard decks. The top 24 players from the first half of the day were then competed in a three round draft to determine who were among the top eight players of the day.

Those top 8 players were then tasked with taking each other out in order to win the top prize of $700 and free qualification into our Player’s Invitational Championship. Each player was then asked to play it out using their standard decks. So who had the best deck of the day? Let’s take a look into the top eight decks from the day.

Congratulations to our Open Champion, Evan!


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