Player of the Month Standings Up To July 10, 2019

July Player Of The Month Leaderboard

(Top 8 Player of the Month Point earners will win entry for the Player of the Month Tournament, 9th to 16th will receive a free draft entry that can be used the following month)

1Tom Kralik
2Adrian Saunders
3Craig Stadnyk
4Chris Aquino
5Alex Battistelli
6Justin Hebert
7Max Wu-Blouin
8Cortlin Docken
9Sam Ankenmann
10Matt Lapierre
11Robert Blackmore
12James Connah-Haymond
13Stéphane Halley
14Alex Herle
15Aaron Lawrence
16Logan Aylesworth
17Jeff Carre
18Will Comfort
19Joe Lockhart
20Ethan Morrill
21Ryan Neville
22Sendy Polovina
23Lorne Porter
24Kevin Stadnyk
25John Tessier
26Michael Uffen
27Daniel Wong
28James Cole
29Hassan Allam
30Patrick Babineau
31Benson Lai
32Scott McLachlin
33Philip Wong
34Noah Camel-toueg
35Brandan Carre
36Paul Czuboka
37Emilie Greer
38Arca Gunay
39Alexander Lim
40Maurice Loiselle
41Daniel Marion
42Mathew Peters
43Matteo Pimentel
44Paul Seguin
45Ryan Solonynko
46Raymond Van
47Aiden Ridgway
48Joseph Greencorn Open Championship Free Entry Qualifiers

(Free entry if you are in the Top 4 of a Premier Event)

First NameLast NameQualified from Date