Wizardtower.com Player's Club

Season 1 Player's Club Points

(Oct 5th 2017 - Mar 31st 2018)

Wizardtower.com Player Rankings

(Last 6 months worth of results in Premier Events, Player of the Month events)

RANKINGSPlayerPlayer's Club Points
1Justin Hebert55 - GOLD
2Stephen Keeffe49 - SILVER
3Benoit Renaud46 - SILVER
4Cameron Ruether34
5Ethan Morrill34
6Andrew Burrows-Johnston29
7Andrew Noworaj23
8Tim House23
9Ronald Mackenzie22
10Adam Benn22
11Benson Lai21
12Curtis Toupin20
13Alex Battistelli19
14Guy Belley19
15Lorne Porter18
16Clive Littlejohn17
17Joey Hoffer15
18Matt Lapierre15
19Mike Brierley13
20Louis Phillipe Dugal12
21Evan Berry11
22Jacob Cailloux11
23Nick Wright10
24Robert McEachern10
25Ryan Prager9
RANKINGS  PlayerPlayer's Club Points
110Justin Hebert55
220Stephen Keeffe49
330Benoit Renaud46
451Cameron Ruether34
54-1Ethan Morrill34
660Andrew Burrows-Johnston29
770Andrew Noworaj23
880Tim House23
990Ronald Mackenzie22
10100Adam Benn22
11110Benson Lai21
12131Curtis Toupin20
1312-1Alex Battistelli19
14140Guy Belley19
15150Lorne Porter18
16160Clive Littlejohn17
17170Joey Hoffer15
18180Matt Lapierre15
19190Mike Brierley13
20200Louis Phillipe Dugal12
21210Evan Berry11
22220Jacob Cailloux11
23230Nick Wright10
24240Robert McEachern10
25250Ryan Prager9

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