Wizards tower is looking to our community of players and creators to help us fill our site and social media channels with great content. If you have experience with writing concrete and insightful articles or creating videos, and a portfolio of work to back it all up, apply today!

This is a freelance position with commission-based pay in the form of Wizard Tower.com Store Credit.

A = Article preferred
V = Video preferred

Here's what we're looking for:

Magic the Gathering

Gameplay (V)– Drafts, Standard, Ranked (ladder climb) all while providing tips and thought process while you play, teach people to pilot the decks you make and why you make the choices in the cards in the deck.

Deck Construction (A, V) – In-depth breakdown on the process of building a theme, culling cards, and make competition or anti-meta decks, provide rule clarification or possible judge call-outs that might occur if using complex combo's or stack manipulation

Lore Dives (A, V)– Deep looks into characters, planes, and even the history of MTG

Box Opening  (V) – Sets on Release or Classic sets (Anything before Pioneer Cutoff), New premium content (Secret Lairs, Commander Legends, etc.)

Tabletop RPG's

Gameplay (V) – Full sessions or one-shots of various RPG games, while hitting D&D would be nice we could also branch out if we had a show dedicated to a White Wolf RPG group or a Shadowrun or Call of Cthulu. Content and players would have to be able to work in a family-friendly way in terms of language and content of the RP however.

Guides and How to's (A, V) – Instructions for making characters or running sessions, deep dives into DM/GM theory, and the approach of running a Table Top game. 

Lore and World Series (A, V) – Exploring the vast history of Game Worlds and introduce interesting characters from various Literary series that take place in the various works. Exploring The Forgotten Realms, Diving into the Elder gods of Cthulu lore, Breaking down the Vampire Houses, and Werewolf Clans from White Wolf Games.

Board/Card Games

Reviews/Box Openings (A, V)– Exploring new games that come out (that we carry) and providing insight for potential customers on complexity, table space required, and how easy it is to learn

Gameplay (V)– Full play sessions of a game, preferably with rule call outs either vocally or with pop-up video style annotations to teach people the game as you play.


News (A, V) – Upcoming changes to games (Ban announcements in MTG, new expansion fur Unstable Unicorns, etc) things happening around the store, major events, or tournaments upcoming.