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3K Open Championship Details

Tournament Dates

Kaladesh 3K Open Championship - Sat Oct 15 2016
Aether Revolt 3K Open Championship – Sat Feb 4 2017
3K Open Championship #3 – Sat May 13 2017
3K Open Championship #4 – Sat July 29 2017

Time: Registration up until 9:45 AM, Tournament starts at 10 am
Entry: $20 or through qualification

The top four (4) players in each Premier Event will gain free entry into the WizardTower.com Open Championship!

Location: Wizard's Tower Barrhaven


There will be eight (8) rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 8.
The format of the rounds is as follows:
Round 1-5: Standard
(Top 24 players after five rounds qualify to continue into Round 6)
Round 6-8: Booster Draft for top (24) players after 5 rounds.
Top 8: Standard

Prize Pool*:

1st Place - $1000 in WizardTower.com Store Credit or $700 CASH
2nd Place - $500 in WizardTower.com Store Credit or $350 CASH
3rd – 4th Place - $200 in WizardTower.com Store Credit or $125 CASH
5th – 8th Place - $125 in WizardTower.com Store Credit or $75 CASH
9th – 16th Place - $75 in WizardTower.com Store Credit or $50 CASH

WizardTower.com Player’s Club Points

(First 8 spots based on result after Top 8, other points based on match record after 8 rounds)

1st place – 20 pts
2nd place – 15 pts
3rd-4th place – 12 points
5th – 8th place – 8 points
18+ points – 7 points
17 points – 6 points
16 points – 5 points
15 points – 4 points
14 points – 3 points
13 points – 2 points
12 points – 1 point

*All Prizes given at end of event to each player once event is finished.

Click here for all the details of the Wizardtower.com Player's Club.


How do I claim my free entry?

All you have to do to participate is call or email us to claim your spot before 9AM on the Friday before the event. After this time, the event will be open for those who have not qualified for free entry to sign up for the event.

What happens if I qualify and I'm not able to make the tournament?

Unfortunately the spots do not carry over.

What happens if someone automatically qualifies for more than one spot?

There is only one qualification per player.

Why is there a top 24 cut to draft for the invitational?

Doing a top 24 cut-off for draft instead of top 16 will allow all possible players with a chance of making top 8 after 5 rounds, the chance to do so.

What is the cutoff date for qualifying for the Open Championship?

The last tournament to qualify for free entry into the Open Championship is the Saturday Premier Event the weekend before the Open Championship is scheduled.