October 7, 2016

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Preparing for Pro Tour Kaladesh

If you have never played on the Pro Tour before, it's a tournament experience like none other. This week, I wanted to shed some insight into that experience for those wanting to know what they can do to prepare for an upcoming Pro Tour. When you finally win that first PTQ, top four an RPTQ or attain 39 points at a Grand Prix you will automatically receive an invite to that season’s Pro Tour....

September 25, 2016

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9th Place at the Kentucky Derby, I mean GP Louisville: Part 2

If you read my last article, we left off when our team was 5-1. If you haven’t had a chance to read that masterpiece yet, click here. After our round 6 victory we had very little time before the pairings went up for the next round. While team magic is especially more draining than other formats, we could definitely appreciate a fast moving tournament. These organizers were on the ball and kept...

September 16, 2016

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9th Place at the Kentucky Derby, I mean GP Louisville: Part 1

This past weekend was one of the most anticipated Grand Prix of the year, GP Louisville: a team sealed event. My past two limited Grand Prix went very well and I finished 26th both times with my good friends, Jesse Moulton and Vince D’Agostino. We had decided after GP Washington that we should explore other options with different people. In May during Grand Prix Toronto, Doug Potter and I had...

September 9, 2016

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6 Tips for Mastering Team Limited

This is a bonus article for the week as Grand Prix Louisville is this weekend and I will be sharing 6 tips for mastering team limited. There are lots of articles on the internet that will help you succeed in an individual sealed format, but there are very few articles that can improve your team sealed game. This article will break down some of these concepts for you so that you can take it...

September 8, 2016

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An Indianapolis Modern Brew: Kiki Evolution

Finally! I have three byes for the Grand Prix season and I’m hoping to take advantage of my opportunity. Unfortunately, the first Grand Prix that I can attend this year was GP Indianapolis which was in the much maligned Modern format. Modern has changed so much since the banning of , it is missing a policing deck that is preventing the format from diverging on so many different axis. When was...

June 13, 2016

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Under the Radar - GP Minneapolis: "A Token Effort" (Day 2)

If you haven't read it, Day 1 is here. Going into Day 2, I was 7-2, but my tiebreakers were pretty good: Hope was still alive but I was going to need some things to break my way. Day 2 Walking around Minneapolis on Sunday, there were footprints made out of dirt, which turned out to be a promotion for the zoo. I thought this was pretty neat. Round 10: Justin Hedgpeth with GW Tokens Game 1, I...

June 6, 2016

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Under the Radar - GP Minneapolis: "A Token Effort" (Day 1)

(If you rolled your eyes at the pun in the title, you may be in for a rough time due to my well-documented love affair with wordplay.) Greetings readers! As this is my first article for MTGCanada, a brief introduction is in order. My name is Johnathan Bentley, a grinder and aspiring pro who has not yet broken through to the Pro Tour - this is the reason why my column name thus far has been "Under...

April 25, 2016

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WizardTower.com Open Championship April 23 Top 8 Deck Lists

This weekend at the Wizard’s Tower, while many eyes were focused on day two of the Pro Tour, we took the time to host our quarterly Open Championship. Players from around the region came together to play Magic and compete for $2,000 in cash prizes. Many players were qualified for free entry into the tournament by coming to our weekly Saturday Open Qualifier tournaments. On the day, players...

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