September 26, 2016

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9 Kaladesh EDH Non Legendary cards to get excited about

Artifact sets have always been a boon to Commander players. Whether we're talking about Mirrodin, Mirrodin Beseiged, New Phyrexia or even the supplemental Daretti precon, commander players absolutely gobble them up. Wurmcoil Engine, Lightning Greaves, Gilded Lotus, Trinket Mage, Crucible of Worlds – all of these plus a truckload more were given to us by the two previous artifact blocks we've been given.

So the question is, will Kaladesh be as generous to commander players? From a power level standpoint, it seems hard to compete with cards like Blightsteel Colossus, the swords, or even non artifact cards like Elesh-Norn or Vorinclex, but I suspect we'll see a lot of the cards in Kaladesh for a long time in commander. So as a bit of a challenge, I've highlighted 9 non-mythic, non-legendary cards I think are worthy of almost any deck that can run them.

We like to cast board wipes in commander because we are so often behind in the game and this gives us a chance to level the playing field. Well, if you're behind not only on board but in life totals as well I can't think of a better card to play than Fumigate. I can't wait till I get to resolve this against my token playing opponents in a deck where life gain matters. Combine it with Aetherflux Reservoir and you're chances of winning are looking pretty good.

For us budget players, we waited for Restoration Angel to drop in price after it rotated out of standard, and while the price drop happened it wasn't as drastic as we had hoped. Wispweaver Angel may be the answer we've been looking for. Decidedly slower and lacking the flash that makes Resto playable in other formats, a six mana 4/4 flyer that blinks your best ETB creature is nothing to sneeze at.

Is this the best counter spell commander has ever seen? I think it may be? Swan Song is conditional, Force of Will is way too expensive, Cryptic Command has a heavy mana requirement, maybe Mystic Confluence can challenge it but even then it's not a hard counter. Insidious Will lets you have total control over the spell that is being cast. It can stop it, redirect it, or double it up and use it the way you want to. It's mana cost is probably the only downside but in our format, the one or two extra generic in the cost is easily managed.

Aetherborn Marauder doesn't have the raw power to be a staple in black commander decks, but it just might find a home in a lot of them. Lifegain decks, counter decks, anything with original Marchesa at the helm, this card will do a lot of work in a lot of decks given the chance.

The new Mulldrifter is a little harder to cast because of it's new mana colour but also gives you lifegain, so it's basically as good for the Azorius and Bant ETB decks that were already running the original.

Black sacrificing decks love to draw cards and gain life, so this little guy should fit right in. He should also find a cozy home in the mono red artifact graveyard builds that have come from the Daretti precon. Some have been saying he's a reasonable substitute for Solemn Simulacrum but that is just wrong. Think of him as more of a Bottle Gnomes replacement.

Did you say Blightsteel Colossus? No, no you didn't. Big MC (his rapping name) still can find a home in the similar decks that his little filigree fox friend is in. Daretti, Sharuum, he even could show up in a reanimator deck or two depending on the number of artifacts.

Possibly the best commander card of the set, Panharmonicon took what Strionic Resonator was trying to and turns it up to 11. Every triggered ability you get from a creature entering the battlefield is doubled. Allies just got a new... Ally? But so did every other commander deck that features any commander with any sort of ETB related ability. Panharmonicon is crazy good and ou need to get some. (This card is also the editor's Pick- oh the fun that will ensue)

Okay, okay, so Inventors' Fair is technically a legendary card, but it's a land, who even counts lands as legendary right? Nevermind all that, this card combines the powerful ability to tutor for an artifact with the low opportunity cost of appearing on a land. The combination is great for commander and has me thinking new colourless staple?