Commander's Brew Episode 313 - Vadrik, Astral Archmage Izzet Zombies


Izzet spellslinger decks are a dime a dozen these days. Whether you're storming off with something or copying spells into oblivion, these decks are everywhere - so why not make yet another commander who cares about it? Well, WOTC thought this exact thing while coming up with the latest set for Magic: the Gathering.

So we have a tired old archetype and an uninspiring commander in Vadrik, Astral Archmage - which means it's time to turn on the innovation jets. What can spellslingers do that no one seems to be doing currently? Well,  with Rise from the Tides and Hour of Eternity, we can get a bunch of zombies on the battlefield with a full yard of spells/creatures.

This is the plan and hey, it works! Mill/discard and draw your library into your yard with stuff like Windfall and Fact or Fiction then draw into your key zombie makers or cards like Coat of Arms that make your army huge!

There are some fun interactions along the way like using Secrets of the Dead and River Kelpie to draw even more cards when you combine them with the myriad of Flashback cards the deck contains.

Overall this misses a lot of the Zombie-matters Black cards we all know and love, but the different style of play this deck has will leave your opponents guessing as to what your game plan even is that that is always a blast. Have fun with this one and let me know how you did with it if you put it together! Also, remember to check out our Youtube channel for the full episode as well as Lost Cards to see what other angles we thought about for this commander!

Vadrik, Astral Archmage Izzet Zombies

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