Commander Mondays: Gahiji, Honored One


Are you growing tired of long EDH games with complicated piles on the stack? Are you tired of your Islands requiring you to actually think when playing Magic? Do you wish your deck practically played itself? Well then look no further than Gahiji, Honored One! This fantastic legendary beast allows you to simply turn your lands sideways and turn your creatures sideways, requiring no other effort from you at all!


  • Straightforward and easy to learn deck to play
  • Can slaughter opponents very quickly if left unchecked
  • Who doesn't wanna play tribal lords?


  • Naya lacks draw power in general, if you draw Sylvan Library or a well timed Regal Force this can be mitigated, but it is still generally an issue
  • Board wipes are your worst enemy
  • Counterspells

A Quick Rundown

As much as I generally dislike playing Naya personally, decks like these can be quite fun if the meta allows for it. My first Standard deck was a Green/White weenie deck, so I always have a soft spot for these kinds of aggro builds.

Now this deck doesn't require much explanation, as it simply involves playing as many dudes as you can and hitting your opponents as hard as you can. The only spells that don't involve that are Armageddon and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker.

Armageddon is meant to be cast when you're at a significant advantage, in order to prevent your opponents from knocking you back down.

Kiki-Jiki is there to provide a bit of extra value on your few enter-the-battlefield effects, such as Reclamation Sage, Sun Titan or if you feel like not having friends, Restoration Angel.

The Deck List

Oh Lordy Lordy

Commander (1)
Creature (36)
Planeswalker (6)
Artifact (1)
Spells (16)
Enchantment (4)
Land (36)

While this deck is not going to be winning any EDH tournaments soon, it can be a lot of fun in a more casual setting. I hope you all enjoy it, thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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