January 15, 2020

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Commander's Brew Episode 228 - 30 Must-Have EDH Cards from Theros Beyond Death

Like it's predecessor of the same plane, Theros Beyond Death is a Magic set with plenty to offer Commander players, and not just players looking to play enchantment spells, either. Whether it's reanimator, graveyard hate, some new X spells, new commanders, self mill, INSANE mana ramp and, yes enchantment decks, Theros has a little something for everyone. If you listen to our set review this week you'll hear our takes on all the EDH relevant cards but in case you don't have 2+ hours to listen to us talk about how much we like cool cards, take a look at the list below which highlights some of our favourite cards that we're super excited to start slotting into decks. Happy brewing Commander heads!