October 22, 2019

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Commanders Brew Episode 216 - Golos & the Legendary Artifacts

This deck started off as a straight up legendary tribal deck. But I've already seen and built that kind of deck before. So, I started looking into the idea of just jamming a bunch of Legendary Artifacts. And guess what? It turns out it is a ton of fun and quite powerful to boot! You might want to add a few more draw sources to this and upgrade some of the mana base, but generally speaking I've found this to be fine. This deck is purely all about the raw power and value you'll get from copying strong effects from your legendary artifacts and from Golos himself so strap in and watch the machines fly!


Commander: (1)
Creature (25)
Sorcery (3)
Artifact (31)
Enchantment (2)
Land (38)