Commander's Brew Episode 278: Ardenn & Sakashima


This week's deck features two unique partner commanders in Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist and Sakashima of a Thousand Faces, and what we do with this deck is equally unique. The focus of this one is getting out a bunch of Control Magic type auras and effects to take creatures. We can use Ardenn along the way to move the auras around to better creatures if we like but eventually, we use those creatures and Sakashima to turn them all into some big scary legendary creature using a duplicating effect like Sakashima's Will and bam! Game ending domination!

Try to stay as low as possible on the threat detectors while stealing creatures with this deck, because it's a strategy that tends to attract a decent amount of ire. Take smaller creatures first and then move the auras later if you can't overrun with multiple copies of someone's commander. You might lean on your politicking skills when suiting up this deck or else you could easily get focused on by a faster deck - stay cool out there!

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