Commander's Brew Episode 285 - Vega Populate Storm


When you start with a card-advantage Commander like Vega, the Watcher you can really end up in any direction when it comes to the rest of your deck. You can use it as a way to support a control style deck or something about drawing cards or hand size, OR go a little more off on a tangent and just use the cantrip-ability as a support for something else. Something else that needs the support and wants to chain together multiple spells or dig for a specific one or both!

This version of Vega does all of this and then some. Using Song of the Worldsoul as a centerpiece, this deck is all about creating tokens in various ways, casting our instant and sorcery rebound/jump-start/flashback cards, and populating your board as much as possible. Once our board is loaded with tokens you use something like Aven Wind Guide or an anthem-like effect such as Felidar Retreat to smash in for the win.

It's a pretty simple strategy hidden fairly deep in a deck that is a lot of fun and very rewarding to play. if you don't end up drawing your enchantment tutor, you just lean on Vega's draw ability till you get there, still making tokens along the way. Once you do get your Song or any of the other great cards you can go off in a "storm" like fashion or just hold till the time is right to swing in for the win.

I hope you like playing Vega and I hope we keep getting great uncommon commanders like in future sets, let me know on Twitter (@andyhullbone) what you think of this deck or any others we've done on the show!

Vega Populate Storm

Commander (1)
Creature (18)
Artifact (8)
Enchantment (7)
Instant (15)
Sorcery (17)
Land (34)

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