Commander's Brew Episode 293: Codie, Vociferous Codex


Codie is a weird little card with a pretty big drawback. That is, unless you don't cast your creatures and instead bring them all back using Codie's ability? Whaaaat?

The idea behind Codie is a neat one, cycle your whole deck until you have a full graveyard of monstrous creatures like Titanoth Rex then reanimate them by casting a one mana spell, activating Codie's "Cascade" ability, then hitting our only 0 mana spell, Living End. It can be a little easier said than done, but we have the tools.

Along the way, we can get lots of incremental value from cards like Ominous Seas and Reconnaissance Mission, because we will need a few creatures on the board to block. Also, it'll be nice for us to get a Fires of Yavimaya for when we want to haste out our graveyard for the win.

With that value and maybe even a few chip-in hits or some added damage from opponents to other opponents your Zenith Flare will be a real option late game, so remember to keep that in mind as well.

This deck has the ability to seem like it's a little on rails, but when you get into real game situations, you'll see that there are actually a lot of different decision points within every turn. It can be a high degree of difficulty to pull off, but when you do you'll feel like a champion of... I guess, books?

Let us know what Commander's your building with Strixhaven or what direction you would have taken Codie this week! Thanks for reading and remember to check out the Commander's Brew podcast wherever you get your audio podcasts or over at!

Codie, Vociferous Codex

Commander (1)
Creature (33)
Instant (12)
Sorcery (12)
Artifact (5)
Enchantment (5)
Land (32)


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