Commander's Brew Episode 303: Oswald Fiddlebender


Oswald Fiddlebender, aka Artifact Birthing Pod is an exciting new card from the brand new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms DnD set. Not having had access to this effect before means there are tons of cool neat moves available to us for the first time in mono-White. Mainly, this deck wants to get a ton of value from sacrificing things like Servo Schematic and jumping up the chain using cards like Razor Golem or Sculpting Steel. Soon enough your opponents are staring down a massive Metalwork Colossus because you were untapping your Oswald and moving up the chain a few times per turn.


You can also get a little crafty with this deck, though. Using Oswald to move up the "pod chain" of mana value Artifacts make sure you grab the ones that make some tokens. By the time you get to Maskwood Nexus and then Coat of Arms, you have yourself a couple of GIGANTIC token creatures that share every creature type in the game and put Marit Lage herself to shame.

You can build this deck in a number of ways, value engine, combo creator, or toolbox control deck. This version tries to maximize the value while putting emphasis on fun cards that do wild things.

We'll be back next week with the set review and a brand new article letting you know what to look out for in AFR for your favourite Commander decks!

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