April 13, 2021

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Commander's Brew: Our Ten Most Exciting Cards from Strixhaven!

In the last two week's we've seen an absolute FLOOD of cards from WOTC surrounding Strixhaven, whether it be from the Strixhaven set proper, the C21 precons, or the very exciting Strixhaven Mystical Archive cards included in booster packs. It can feel like a definitely fun overload, so we're here to help you parse some of that out for your Commander brain to handle. First off, listen to/watch our Strixhaven set review and then pay special attention to the end where we break down some of the more exciting cards to us from this cool new set.

Body of Research

Starting us off is maybe the card that wins the award for being an obvious Unhinged design that made it into black border, Body of Research! This card is dumb in the most fun way possible because there are SO many ways to copy this spell JUST in this set alone! Get ready for a couple 70/70 Fractals coming for your face in future commander games because Body of Research is the kind of Timmy/Tammy nonsense we love.

Harness Infinity

This card is basically a worse version of Praetor's Counsel, but there are some upsides. The exchange part of it could be desirable and of course, Konrad loves this effect no matter what's happening. But more than anything, it doesn't matter that its a worse version of an older card because having two of these in a deck that wants them is SO GOOD. I love that they're not afraid to re/print crazy effects like this still!

Rushed Rebirth

I love Birthing Pod so it stands to reason that I would also very much love reverse Birthing Pod, right? Not as good obviously but actually Rushed Rebirth is a great way to go back down the pod chain if you need to hit something specific with your toolbox pod deck.

Reconstruct History

Let me tell you something Boros is not messing around anymore. Boros is getting a HUGE boost with the Strixhaven products and it's about damn time! Reconstruct History is fantastic, I love letting Boros dig around in the yard for a bit! If only we had realized earlier - the way to make Boros good in Commander was to just give it Black's abilities!

Augmenter Pugilist // Echoing Equation 

Augmenter Pugilist is not worth talking about straight-up... but that Echoing Equation though!? These effects are always better than they look, albeit pretty situational. But trust me, when you've made even 3 or 4 copies of some broken legendary creature you'll be laughing yourself to a fun victory in no time.

Ecological Appreciation

We've all seen what kinds of combos happen with Gifts Ungiven and cards of its ilk, so it's no wonder brewers are getting excited about Ecological Appreciation, you should too!

Double Major

Just the ability to essentially pay Commander tax to have TWO of your commanders on the board when you cast them is incredible. This is a great way to "counter" a counterspell aimed at an important creature as well!

Efreet Flamepainter

Any sort of augmentation is always scary on a double striker, let alone one that lets you cast spells for free as a result of connecting. This card has incredible potential in a number of decks that aren't even strictly built around spells. Look out for this card to be included in a lot of decks and for it to be scary in all of them.

Strixhaven Stadium

I'm not sure if this is going to be a real plan outside of niche token decks but I just saw this card and thought of my Darien, King of Kjeldor deck and was enthused! Enthused I tell you! There are other implications for the stadium though, decks that like to goad like Marisi and Kardur will have a field day if they can get some creatures through and dunk on their unwitting opponents.

Tend the Pests

The more I play commander with people who know to run lots of permanent removal, the more I appreciate sac outlets on Instants. Especially if your sac deck is more built around value than some sort of neverending combo, Tend the Pests is an excellent source of death, tokens, and life - the perfect Golgari- err... Witherbloom card!

What cards from Strixhaven are you excited to include in your commander decks? Let us know in the comments and I'll see you next week with a brand new deck tech!