Daily Dose of Conspiracy: Take the Crown – New Mechanics Part 1


Welcome all to the first Daily Dose of Conspiracy: Take the Crown, the all new supplemental set coming out on August 26th that focuses on the fun of drafting and multiplayer action. Conspiracy drafts will be taking place across local gaming stores on release weekend and if the previous Conspiracy experience is any indication, this will be a lot of fun to draft! Today I’m going to be looking at some of the new mechanics from the set and some of the cards that take advantage of them.

The first and most powerful new mechanic I’d like to talk about is that players can become The Monarch.

the monarch

As you can see this is extremely powerful, but can also be taken away from you quite easily if you aren’t careful. It paints a large target on your back and despite the card advantage some players may choose to never be The Monarch so that they aren’t the ones being constantly attacked. Before you can attack The Monarch, first someone must become The Monarch. There are plenty of cards that will allow you to become The Monarch. Let’s have a look at one of those cards. Here is Knights of the Black Rose:

knight of the black rose

You get a 4/4 for five mana, which isn’t the greatest, but there are plenty of upsides. First of all, you will get to draw a card thanks to being The Monarch, and if you happen to lose that power, you will than be able to drain your opponent of two life. A solid card and great example of how The Monarch is going to work.

The next new mechanic we are going to have a look at his picture perfect for multiplayer play. Check out the new card Jeering Homunculus.

jeering Homunculus

Right off the bat, a huge slow clap to the amazing art and having Mklthd right in the middle. I just love the ability to goad a creature. This allows you to not only make an opponents creature attack, but someone else! This could allow you to remove a blocker for your next turn’s attack. It can allow you to kill off a large threat on the board by throwing right in front of your opponent’s big creature. In a Christmas land scenario, you can kill off the attacker and blocker if you are able to goad the correct creature into a perfectly similar blocker of your opponents.

Let’s take a look at one more card that takes advantage of this great new mechanic with Besmirch:


This card not only allows you to steal their creature for an attack, but than it’ll have to attack again during their turn against someone else. A great variation on a classic Magic card to make it fit greatly in to the theme of the new set.

Each article I’m going to be talking about the reprint card of the day. Today’s is Inquisition of Kozilek.

inquisition of kozilek

This originally Rise of Eldrazi card has only been reprinted once and is one of the most favourite discard spells for mages everywhere. This will be a welcome reprint, and to show how powerful a card this is, they have turned it from an uncommon into a rare. Who knows how powerful this will be in draft format, but I do know that many players will be happy this is reprinted.

I’m looking forward of seeing more of what’s to come for Conspiracy: Take the Crown and looking forward to talking about more of the previews throughout the week. Thanks again for reading the first Conspiracy Daily Dose and tomorrow I’ll be looking at more mechanics, and more drafting fun from the upcoming set!

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