May 30, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eternal Masters: Surprised, Yes Indeed!

Welcome all to a special edition of the Daily Dose! Today I’ll be talking about some of the surprise cards we have seen in Eternal Masters so far. When we first heard about this set back in February, we were left with two cards to swoon over, Force of Will and Wasteland. Two both very valuable and popular cards which many players will be happy to get their hands on. In the months that past, there has been a ton of speculation on which other cards would make the cut, and which would be left behind. Here are some of the cards that I am happy, but surprised are in this set.


Wowsers, after years of being afraid to print three mana land destruction spells, they went all out and gave us a card which hasn’t been seen since Unlimited! There is a reason this wasn’t reprinted in the Revised set. It’s a two-mana land destruction spell! That is nuts. Just imagine you are playing against an opponent, and they go turn two Sinkhole, turn three Vindicate, followed by turn four Wasteland. Can we say game over? Yes, we can. P.S.: I look forward to playing this spell very much.


Another card that I did not expect to see a reprint of any time in the near future, but here it is. Wow, will this be a game breaker of a card for anyone who is lucky enough to draft this one. Remember the power you felt whenever you play a Sol Ring in a game of Commander? Well, Mana Crypt has joined the party. Just imagine playing a turn two Bloodbraid Elf, or even more impressively, a turn two Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Yes, turn two! True, you might take some damage from the Mana Crypt, but it won’t matter when you have a turn two Jace, the Mind Sculptor.


Although Shardless Agent has seen a lot of play in Legacy, I’m still surprised to see this in the set considering it just came out as a Judge foil reprint. All those who went out and spent some money to get some Judge foil Shardless Agents could be disappointed if this becomes a more readily available card. Great news is that I’m excited to play a Maelstrom Wanderer, cascade into a Bloodbraid Elf, cascade into a Shardless Agent, which cascades into a Nimble Mongoose. One can dream, can’t he?


I started playing Magic back when a lot of players started, back in Revised. Welcome back, my least favourite card in Magic. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but really?! I’m all for the crazy possible plays that will be coming from Eternal Masters, but this card is a downer for sure. When you tap out, and than your opponent plays this card during their turn, the fun level will decrease significantly. Hopefully, I won’t get this card out on the board too many times during my Eternal Masters drafts.


This was a very surprising pick to me in that it is a card that I thought would never see the light of day again. It’s entertaining in the fact that at common there is a chance in a draft of 24 packs that you could see four - if not more copies - of Squadron Hawk that you will want to try and draft over rares and mythics! Make sure that you jump on that train early, as once its gone, there will probably be only one person picking up this card around the table.

So what do you guys think is the biggest surprise for Eternal Masters so far? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading another edition of the Daily Dose and I will be back with some Eternal Masters talk tomorrow as we all get ready for when it releases on June 10th! See you then!