Daily Dose of Eternal Masters – Draft Archetypes


Welcome all to some more Daily Dose of Eternal Masters! We have been blessed to get the entire spoiler for Eternal Masters, and let me say we are in for some exciting drafts coming up! When drafting any set, Magic is very good at setting up some strategies involving multiple cards from the set that have great synergy together. These are called Draft Archetypes. Today I’m going to talk about some of the Draft Archetypes that you’ll be able to look out for while drafting Eternal Masters that can help you maximize every card you draft.

Draft Archetype #1 – Mono-Green Elves

First off when building Mono-Green Elves, we need a Master to be able to make all other Elves better. This is where Imperious Perfect comes into play. Add on its ability to make more Elves and we’re in business. Heritage Druid will allow you to use all of your Elves to get some major mana. What for, you say? How about Regal Force! This will allow you fill up your hand again with more Elves greatness. Timberwatch Elf and Wirewood Symbiote will allow you to make some very large Elves. Llanowar Elves will help you get some early mana, and Lys Alana Huntmaster will allow you get more Elves on the battlefield.

Draft Archetype #2 – Five-colour Good Stuff, featuring Hondens

Five-colour good stuff - as it’s sometimes called - has been a staple of many draft archetypes over the years. It’s when you draft all the dual lands you can as well as the best cards from each colour. Now you can throw in any of the five Honden enchantments as seen above. Individually, they provide an okay ability, but once you start to stack them, they can become quite lethal together. Getting even two Hondens on the battlefield at once will give you a steady advantage, whether it be extra cards, damage, or creatures.

Draft Archetype #3 – Green/White Enchantments

With this draft archetype, you are looking for first of all enchantments, and also spells that will help you draw cards from enchantments. First off you have two creatures that will help you draw cards for each enchantment you cast in Argothian Enchantress and Mesa Enchantress. Now let’s talk about some of the best enchantments you want to be looking for. Ancestral Mask will allow you to have quite a large creature if you can stick a lot of enchantments on the board. Rancor will allow you to cast it over and over again, allowing you to draw multiple cards from it. Armadillo Cloak will gain you some life and get in some extra damage along the way. Glare of Subdual will allow you play some defense if necessary. Faith’s Fetters and Pacifism will help in that regard as well, allowing you to hopefully draw more cards while playing them.

Draft Archetype #4 – White/Blue Control

There are certain players out there that always want to play control, every time they play either Constructed of Limited formats. Well here it is! First, you want to start off with some spell disruption in the form of some counterspells. Well, how about the original cool, Counterspell itself! Don’t forget Force of Will, Daze, and Memory Lapse will allow you to counter even more spells. Next, you will need card draw. How about Brainstorm, to start you off? Add in cards like Deep Analysis, Fact or Fiction, Merfolk Looter and Future Sight to get even more card advantage. Now we need some removal to clear off the battlefield. You can always take their creatures with Control Magic. You can play some sweepers like Balance and Wrath of God when things are looking rough. Swords to Plowshares and Humble will help you remove any threat on the board. Finish them off with some large creatures like Inkwell Leviathan and Jetting Glasskite.

Draft Archetype #5 – Mono Red Aggro

Do you like to a lot of damage, right to the face of your opponent? Well, here comes Mono Red Aggro. First off, you start with a pile of direct damage spells including, Chain Lightning, Price of Progress, Firebolt, Carbonize, and Flame Jab. Now that we’ve had fun with spells, get some quick creatures on the board that can do some damage. You can start off with Mogg Fanatic on turn one, followed by a ton of two-drops including, Mogg War Marshal, Keldon Marauders, and Borderland Marauder. You can even add Young Pyromancer into the mix, to get you extra creatures from your spells as well. Throw in some damage boosters like Orcish Oriflamme, and Reckless Charge. Finish them off with a nice Sulfuric Vortex on the battlefield, to whittle down their last remaining life points while also preventing them from gaining any life.

Let me know if there is another archetype that you think will stand out in Eternal Masters drafts in the comment section. Thanks again for reading more of the Daily Dose and I look forward to seeing you back again tomorrow for some more action!

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