Daily Dose of Kaldheim #7 – Let it Snow!


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Kaldheim. Today we embrace winter with the return of everything snow in Magic. That’s right, we have Snow-Covered Lands, Snow Instants and Sorceries, and Snow Permanents. It’s everything you can ask for in the return of Snow cards to Magic. Snow permanents are mapped out over all five colours, but there does appear to be more Snow spells in green, blue and black. This will mean that when playing Limited you will need to draft a three or four-colour deck to have a strong Snow deck. Constructed will be much easier for you to build your deck to maximize the value from Snow spells.

Not only do we get Snow-Covered basic lands, but we are also getting Snow dual lands in the form of basic two-coloured lands that enter the battlefield tapped like the new Rimewood Falls.

Snow-Covered Lands

The snow dual lands also have two different land types which can come in handy as well. These snow-covered lands will be key to building Snow decks in the upcoming Standard. As mentioned, especially in Limited, you could be looking at three or four-colour decks, so these Snow dual lands will be important to both fix your mana base and keep your Snow permanent count up.
Speaking of lands, Kaldheim gives us a nice creature land that just happens to be a Snow permanent as well. Here is Faceless Haven.

Faceless Haven

Creature lands are always great, and this seems to be one of the better ones we’ve seen recently. To start off if you are playing a Snow deck, you can use any Snow mana to activate it, so you don’t need to worry about any colours if you are playing a multicolour deck. Being that it is three Snow mana, you will need to make sure you are playing a Snow land only deck to make it work. It becomes a great 4/3 Vigilance creature which means you can activate it again to block if you want or tap it for mana to cast spells after combat. If you some synergies with certain creature types it becomes all creature types like a Changeling, which could come in handy in certain combat scenarios.

Next up is a clone that is looking to copy any permanent you control. Here is Moritte of the Frost.

Moritte of the Frost

At first glance, it seems that five mana for a clone effect can be quite hefty, but there are some advantages. You can copy any permanent, so it could include lands, artifacts, and even a planeswalker. It’s a Changeling which means it triggers some other spells that might give you some bonus value. If you happen to copy a creature you can also get two additional +1/+1 counters on it making your copy better than the original. Although it’s five mana to cast, I do like the versatility of this card. Another potential issue is that this set is littered with Legendary permanents, which you wouldn’t be able to copy, which could limit your targets when you cast it.

Finally, there are plenty of Gods going around Kaldheim, so why not a Snow God. Here is Jorn, God of Winter // Kaldring, the Rimestaff. (Also called Jorn Snow)

Jorn, God of Winter / Kaldring, the Rimestaff

What a great card, or should I say two cards. Let’s start off with Jorn, God of Winter. You get a solid 3/3 for three mana in which you only need one Green mana to cast it, so it’s not that hard to cast when it comes to mana requirements. Being Legendary isn’t much of a drawback since you can cast its flip side if you are playing a Sultai Snow deck. Its main ability allows you to give all the Snow creatures you are attacking with Vigilance by untapping them. It allows you to reuse any Snow permanents you have with a tap ability meaning double the value during your turn. The best value though comes from reusing all your Snow lands once they become untapped. There is some potential with this card in the right deck.

On the flip side of this Modal DFC, you get Kaldring, the Rimestaff. This Legendary Snow Artifact gives you an additional card to play each turn from your graveyard. You can use it to get a Snow land or cast your best spell you can find in the graveyard. It’s not that hard just organically or with a little help to get some Snow permanents into your graveyard to turn on the value and potential of this card. Having both sides of this Modal DFC card on the battlefield is what your main goal should be. This will allow you to use this artifact twice to get two Snow permanents a turn.

As you can see, there will be no shortage of strong Snow spells to build your deck around to make a strong snow deck. Whether you want to concentrate on one or two colours or build up to three or four will be up to you, but there are the tools here to make it work. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Kaldheim. Join me again tomorrow as Kaldheim continues to bring some powerful new cards to the forefront.

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