Future Card Spotlight – Tergrid, God of Fright // Tergrid's Lantern


Welcome to Future Card Spotlight. Here, I'll be looking at a new card coming from Kaldheim and seeing how it will impact Standard.

Today I’ll be looking into the future potential of a new Kaldheim Modal DFC card. Today's card is a Legendary Creature on one side and a Legendary Artifact on the other. It's Tergrid, God of Fright // Tergrid's Lantern. The goal with this card is to make your opponent sacrifice a permanent or discard a permanent card. If you do, it will end up on your side of the battlefield! I'm going to be looking at what's currently in Standard to help this future superstar!

Let me know if there is a format in MTG Arena or card you would like me to tryout! If you like the videos and want to see more, please make sure you subscribe and hit the Like button.

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