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Welcome back to Possibility Storm, the weekly MTG puzzle series, available exclusively through MTGCanada and

We hope you enjoyed last week's puzzle. We've got another for you today, so scroll down and have at it!

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Think you've got it? Check your answer against the solution below:

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  1. Sacrifice Sacred Cat to Indulgent Aristocrat, making both Vampires 2/2.
  2. Embalm the Sacred Cat.
  3. Attack with both Vampires at your opponent. The Vampire Cutthroat can't be blocked due to its Skulk ability. The Aristocrat is presumably blocked by Bruna, but this doesn't actually matter.
  4. After blocks are declared, sacrifice the embalmed Sacred Cat to the Aristocrat, making both Vampires 3/3.
  5. The Cutthroat gets through for 3 and your opponent goes to zero (but survives due to the Gideon emblem). The Aristocrat deals 3 damage to a blocker and dies. Because both have Lifelink you gain 6 life and go to 27.
  6. Post-combat, sacrifice the Cutthroat to Ayli's first ability, gaining 3 life to go to 30.
  7. Then, cast the second Sacred Cat from your hand, and sacrifice it using Ayli's second ability to exile Gideon. The protection conferred by your opponent's emblem will no longer apply, and you win the game!


Does something needs clarification? Check out the official Rules and Assumptions to see if your answer lies within.

How did you do? Tune in again next Wednesday for the next puzzle in this series.

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